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Be Like the Duck

Like it or not, we’ve all got a “need to please” running through our veins, to some level. To all my fellow overly accommodating humans out there, you know saying no can be a hard thing to do without the resulting guilt and second-guessing. 435 more words


What's the Big Idea?

You all know me.

Not well, but you’re familiar enough to have seen this coming for quite some time. Honestly, a few of you informed me of its impending arrival before I had even a sneaking suspicion. 115 more words

Spotting red flags in an interview

How do you know if a potential hire will be a good fit for your business? My red flags for spotting a person who is not a good fit fall into three general categories: 27 more words

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Accomplish your goals with intention

Often people view business success by having more of something, forgetting to ask the fundamental question of ‘why’ you want more in the first place. When you identify your goals and use them to create a vision, you’ll go through a process that forces you to take a strategic look at theRead more…

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