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Let's Go Sniff

Y’all know by now I’m enamored of all things canine scent detection. Nose Work, Barn Hunt, Tracking, Earth Dog-yep all of it. 216 more words

Dog Training

Tunnel Training

Really want to train Jack and Damon to participate in Barn Hunt. Part of the Barn Hunt course includes a tunnel made from the straw bales. 135 more words

Dog Training

First of 2015

The first Glen of Imaal Terrier round up of the first weekend are all American but even they are “getting weather” when temperatures at Palm Springs are in the 20s and they still use Fahrenheit! 155 more words

General Glen Things

Ms. Tooey on Christmas mouse patrol

I blame the heavy rains. Or maybe it’s Santa Claus’s fault.

In any case, Tooey has got her Christmas wish: a mouse in the basement. (Or at least, I HOPE it’s… 181 more words


Barking Up The Family Tree

For the past few months, my blog has been about dogs in technology – how the internet and other inventions have furthered the role of the canine within human life, and the trends that brings with it. 697 more words

Montgomery and others

In America the Montgomery cluster is the big weekend of the year for all Terrier people, not just Glen of Imaal Terrier folk, and they were out in big numbers. 226 more words

General Glen Things

Tooey, Rat Bitch

I knew it was going to be really hot in Salem, and I hoped Tooey would be hot on the trail of a rat there, too. 915 more words