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Saudi Arabia - a medieval kingdom with no human rights, blatant misogyny and barbaric laws and customs.

Saudi Arabia is supposedly our ally in the Middle East yet it is the sponsorship of much of the terrorism and sectarian violence in the region. 242 more words


Circa 2015: The Pagan Age

Charles Colson, the one of Prison Ministry and the infamous Watergate Scandal, wrote a book the sameĀ  year that I was born called, Against The night: Living in The new dark ages. 1,046 more words

"Children of Men" pioneers long take trend in mainstream cinema

Earlier in the year, the Acadmy of Motions Pictures Arts & Sciences — also known as the Academy of the Oscars — awarded Birdman the statue for Best Picture, one of the two of the most important awards of the night. 717 more words


Sex slaves, suicide bombers and executioners: ISIS women hierarchy will give you shivers (8:13)

“Rape, sodomy, sexual slavery, and murder” ISIS style of sexual Jihad is not voluntary”

And it has nothing to do with Islam.

You won’t believe this.

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Hidden Cam Catches Thug Cops Teasing Handicap Woman, Eating Weed During Raid on Pot Shop (Video)

Psst, wanna see a bunch of criminals breaking the law and abusing disabled patients? I am repulsed by the following video. It shows how hypocritical this war on drugs really is.

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