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Orwell's Oracle (1)

Erich Fromm warned us that 1984 (1949) is not just a description of Stalinist barbarism, but that Orwell means us, too, in his dystopian novel. 579 more words

War Culture

Pivot fun

Barack Obama’s ‘pivot to Asia’ strategy, first articulated in 2012, is missing a key component: culture.

While Googling around for something else, I came across data from the Office of Travel and Tourism Industries, a US Congressional agency. 863 more words

Jame DiBiasio

6 March 2015. How President Xi One-Upped Obama... and the Clueless Anglos Didn't Catch It (Did You Expect INTELLIGENCE from Them?)


My Motherland 我的祖國… one of the best Chinese patriotic songs… I love this vid as it shows the HUMANITY of the Chinese soldier. The PLA whipped the US Army in Korea… the Americans had firepower, but the Chinese had guts… and guts is all you need… 183 more words


Why the Separation of Powers

FFQF — Why the Separation of Powers…

It is believed that our society, therefore our culture as a Nation, has been classified as “hedonistic.” With all due respect to our readers, the classification comes from those agencies that predicated upon the definition of hedonism work with religious classifiers’ … 633 more words

Special Interest Groups

10 Reactions To Benjamin Netanyahu's Speech In Congress

This Tuesday, the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu, made a speech in front of the joint session of Congress criticizing the proposed deal between the United States, Europe, Russia, China, and Iran that is supposed to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons. 466 more words

List Of 10

Will Obama and Netanyahu Stop Worrying and Learn To Love The Bomb?

–  by Jack Curtis –

Israeli Prime Minister “Bibi” Netanyahu spoke to Congress, or at least, to that part of it that was not absenting itself in support of President Obama’s snit. 615 more words

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