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A Twist on Tradition

After an event at the Virginia Center for Architecture, my mother and I were in a need of a quick bite. We decided upon a wonderful place just a block from her office. 454 more words


Tesselating Tattoos

Our next project was called Tessellating tattoos, in a very stereotypical manner you might expect lots of art students to have tattoos, and well we do,  though me excluded (not a hater just very needle phobic). 641 more words

Aprovaristas Live @ Bookabar

Οι Aprovaristas, τρομάζοντας τους απανταχού προληπτικούς, τολμάνε να εμφανιστούν Παρασκευή και 13 του Μάρτη, συνεχίζοντας την μπαρότσαρκά τους στην Αθήνα, στο Bookabar (Αγ. Κωνσταντίνου 50, Μαρούσι) στις 21.30.

Τι άλλο θα μπορούσε να σας πάει στραβά;

Μαζί τους:

Μία μαύρη γάτα
Μία σκάλα (για πέρασμα από κάτω)
Μία ανοιχτή ομπρέλα (δίπλα στο μπαρ)
Κι ο Επίτιμος…
Τολμήστε το!

Roasted chicken lettuce wraps - POV

Gochujang, daikon radish, sweet herbs, kimchi. $14
POV, Washington DC

These were lame. I liked the kimchi topping but the roasted chicken was SO dry. 10 more words


Lindsborg, Kansas - A Tribute to Small Town USA

As a kid, I would always ask myself, “Why does grandma live in such a inconvenient location?” I can remember driving 7 hours in the family suburban, with my three sisters, as we all asked incessantly, “Are we there yet!?” As I grew older (and wiser?) I realized living in a small town is not about convenience – It’s about holding onto the days of knowing everyone by name in your town. 1,035 more words


Kalaw, the Mountain Village that Stole my Heart

I’ll go right ahead and say it: I adored Kalaw. This little mountain town may have a steady influx of tourists since it’s the launching point for treks to Inle Lake, but in the quiet moments it’s still a calm village full of friendly Myanmar people and surrounded by the kind of hills you can’t help but want to explore. 1,194 more words


the truffle pig cocktail

Recently some unexpected vegetables—ramps, butternut squash, and beets—have started showing up in creative cocktails. Now, mushrooms are getting in on the fun(gus) at high-profile spots like London’s… 169 more words