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Boo: The Things Parents Don’t Know Are Often The Most Important

I’ll admit it: I was one of those children who tried to memorized the Periodic Table.

Today, there are 118 elements on the list. In the 1980s, when I was a kid, there were 108, and ten years before that, there were 106. 896 more words


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As the twin who never received an invitation; today at 41 I still have never had a friend in the united States of America. It gets old; I can see why people commit suicide. It's not selfish; it's I can't take your American treatment of humans that never did a bad thing to you anymore. Truth. What friends or family. You know I work, because I will not live your disgusting lifestyle. You sit around like vultures waiting for what you can steal of my hard work; leaving me to practically live on fucking air alone. Name one of you assholes that has ever fucking had a job. Not your "lies"; a real fucking job? One of you liars text me, and tell me you did something in your pathetic life besides steal from me. One of you. You fucking can't can you?

Separation of Church & State

It seems that every time a branch of our government makes a ruling and a citizen brings up the idea that this new interpretation of the… 593 more words


Why I don't identify as a Southern Baptist anymore...

“Hi. My name is Jade and I’m a child of God.” That’s how I introduced myself to my Philosophy of Religions and Cultures class about a year ago. 593 more words


Knitting your words

This is a group exercise, let’s pray:

“but prayer by the church was fervently being made to God on his behalf.” Acts 12:5(b)

Being made. The Old English “macian” meaning “fitting.” The prayer was fitting, tailor-made for Peter. 505 more words


The Christian Consensus Vs. The Court

As most of you are aware, the U.S. Supreme Court decided in a 5-4 decision to legalize same-sex marriage and force all 50 states to do the same.  786 more words


Christians need to worry about themselves

If you oppose gay marriage because of your faith, I have a few guidelines for faith that Christians are unaware of.

Jesus…..that’s Jesus as in Christ, said to stone your child if he cursed you. 208 more words


True Love already won

*Disclaimer, this is my opinion, Biblically backed, and I fully understand that the vast majority does not hold this opinion. I have heard every counter argument to what I’m about to say, and my mind is not changed.* 318 more words