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Did the Girl Scouts inspire Boy Scouts to re-examine gay ban?

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Boy Scouts of America’s head honcho Robert Gates made a surprising announcement on Thursday.

He said the group needed to back off on its ban of gay scouts leaders. 384 more words


outsized texas irony

while the current governor of texas is certainly not alone as a symbol of what’s wrong with the republican party, what exactly is it with texas? 343 more words

Dirty Energy

Green Day Finally Returned To A Venue That Banned Them Back In 1994

On Sunday night, Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Green Day returned to the venue where it all started for them, performing at Berkeley’s infamous DIY punk club 924 Gilman Street. 167 more words


Obama bans US government from giving certain military equipments to local police forces.

President Barack Obama has banned the US government from giving certain kinds of military-style equipment to local police forces. 97 more words

National News

A Turkish Soccer Manager Didn't Let A Silly Ban Keep Him From Watching His Team

What happens when you want to go to a game but can’t get inside the stadium? Some people would buy tickets from a scalper. Others would stay home and watch the game on TV. 155 more words


My List to "Ban"

It’s the season of bans, and here is my list of things that need to be banned IMMEDIATELY

  • Women with frizzy long un-braided hair in crowded bars – I really don’t enjoy having your hair in my drink/food/ touching me!
  • 216 more words

Why Bans Won't Fix 'World Of Warcraft'

You may have heard that yesterday, Blizzard brought the hammer down hard in World of Warcraft, banning more than 100,000 players. That’s a not insubstantial chunk of its subscriber base of 7.1 million… so why did they ban so many people? 391 more words