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Use Your RadioShack And Deb Gift Cards Right Now

Do you have gift cards lingering in your wallet from RadioShack or Deb? If so, put down the device you’re reading this post on and head over to the store right now to spend that card. 244 more words

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Is New Jersey Gambling with Atlantic City's Future?


March 2, 2015
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Spinning for Municipal Bankruptcy: In the Red or Black? Try and imagine the intractable quandary of Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian: his Governor, Chris Christie, appears not only determined to crash land the city into municipal bankruptcy, but has also imposed an emergency manager—without any guidance which official is really in charge; the city’s assessed property values are plummeting; and the city’s plans to fix the way its casinos pay property taxes appears mired in inaction in the state legislature. 1,325 more words


Repossession is nine tenths of the law

There hasn’t been much media coverage of the 1000 or so ordinary Irish families who lost their houses to repossession last year. But spare a thought for the O’Donnell family who have been fighting an eviction order from their €30m Killiney mansion for the past 3 years. 137 more words


Climate Foibles

In Vermont the current logic concerning Climate Change requires one has to adopt concepts such as this protester of fossil fuels. As you can see they have a tentative grip on reality. 911 more words


Stockton bankruptcy's unsettled pension legacy

On the day that Stockton emerged from bankruptcy last week, ending 32 months of debt protection, the final court argument was about the “cram down” imposed on the only creditor that did not cut a deal. 1,147 more words


O'Donnell v Bank of Ireland: centre of main interest must be objectively determinable to creditors

Council Regulation (EC) No. 1346/2000 (Insolvency Regulation) determines that insolvency proceedings must be issued within the Member State of the debtors centre of main interest (COMI). 666 more words