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Is The Student Debt Bubble About To Witness Its 2007 ... - Zero Hedge

Tyler, if the 2005 bankruptcy law says banks don't have to write-off deadbeats, then they won't! Banks and USGov will continue to imagine that INTEREST is accruing on these 8% loans. 10 more words


Bankruptcies Suddenly Soar Across Corporate America, Worst First Quarter Since 2009

by Wolf Street

“Come down to Houston,” William Snyder, leader of the Deloitte Corporate Restructuring Group, told Reuters. “You’ll see there is just a stream of consultants and bankruptcy attorneys running around this town.” 1,959 more words

Bra retailer Frederick's of Hollywood goes bust

After several aggressive attempts to save its business, lingerie retailer Frederick’s of Hollywood will file for bankruptcy—its second such filing in 15 years, The Wall Street Journal… 228 more words


Bill, Debt,.... meet Sam... , "Uncle Sam"

Click Here for my "eAffidavit of Truth" incorporating this and all blog posts contained in this domain in their entirety. 

Today I concluded a week of several meetings,  sitting with sheriff’s along with other law enforcement, people with the inspector general’s office, concluding this morning with the United States Department of Justice Trustee which I have to say was not anything like what I ever thought it was going to be. 531 more words

Can the Bankruptcy of One Partner Force the Dissolution of A Partnership?  

A recent decision under Illinois law addresses the issue of whether one partner’s bankruptcy can force the dissolution of an Illinois partnership.  Like so many other things under the law, the answer is:  It depends. 305 more words

11 USCS 365

The ongoing bankruptcy saga

Another Federal District Court, this time the E.D of PA, weighs in on the issue of whether or not filing a proof of claim on time-barred debt is an FDCPA violation.   24 more words