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The Search - A Short Story

It was raining heavily, as she opened the door to the flat. The rain had started without notice, and she was thoroughly drenched. Rivulets of water poured down her body, as she struggled with the many plastic bags, containing grocery and other mundanities that their home seemed to need every week. 772 more words


Arm Party.

When I got my first check from the illustrious establishment we all know and come to love, Burger King, I marched my 14 year old self right into the Bloomingdales of the hood, Rainbow… 422 more words



The former shirtless neighbor boy just about gave me a heart attack! Yikes poor kid… I refer to him as former because A. he is no longer my neighbor and B. 461 more words


Adorn Like You Mean It

Unless we’re in clothing optional areas, home alone (or with compliant company, of course), we’re wearing clothes. Stylistically, we can become adventurous with our choices just as much as we can be incredibly comfortable. 398 more words

Feeling Good