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The Green Dream

This morning I decided to hop on the green smoothie bandwagon. I’ve had a couple green smoothies/juices before and today I decided it was time to make my green inspired smoothie. 332 more words


'No Added Sugar' Banana Cake

Something I never expected about becoming a parent was just how emotional it would make me. Prior to kids, I was fairly unemotional. Indeed the Husband referred to me as ‘the Ice Queen’ (he’s a charmer). 718 more words


Banana and Brown Sugar Overnight Oats

If you’re like me, mornings can be hectic and often involve dry shampoo, ponytails and running out the door to make the next train. Making or buying breakfast can add 10, 15 or more minutes onto an already packed day, and either end up making you late or taking away from precious sleep time. 276 more words


Banana and Blueberry Pancakes

It’s no secret how much I love pancakes and these are no exception. They smell so amazing as they cook and as always they are really good for you! 251 more words


Banana Caramel Layer Cake

Scrumptious banana cake with caramel cream cheese frosting, chocolate ganache drip, and banana walnut praline.. oh yeah!

This recipe was born out of a bowlful of overripe bananas and a desire to make something other than banana bread with them, mission accomplished! 848 more words


Mint Chocolate Smoothie

I was going to post a different recipe this week but when I posted a picture of this smoothie on Instagram and Facebook I received lots of enquiries about it that I thought I would share it with you this week. 206 more words

Juices & Smoothies

Instant banana, caramel &cookie dough ice-cream

Everyone loves ice-cream no? It’s the kid dessert that morphs from smurf and bubblegum flavours to rum & raisin, Bailey’s and coffee. Not that adults can’t continue to enjoy a colourful scoop of bubblegum course. 306 more words