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Saskatoon harvest and my own recipe!

We spent a chunk of the afternoon collecting saskatoons and got a good 3 lbs or so.

I was super disappointed to see how few saskatoon recipes are out there in interland. 105 more words

Bambi Dear

Garden Marker Mary

I was putting away some junk when i came across an old porcelain mary statue and i didnt want to box her up. One of those eureka moments i decided to give her a sign to hold to help me identify my veggies. 16 more words

Exploring some heritage

The family and I went out to some of the countryside over the weekend and found some gems that I wanted to share.

These first two photos are of an old lumber shop located about an hours drive from the nearest town, in the middle if nowhere! 162 more words


Spent some time outside today contemplating a greenhouse and spraypainting a broken tricycle. I don’t even care that it’ll probably snow tonight!

What is this?!?!

I took this photo when we moved into our house last fall and now that spring is coming i want to know what it is! It has large individual leaves and grows dark blue/purple berries. Anyone?

vintage wallpaper put to use in the hallway

I bought this roll at the thrift store for three bucks! But it was only enough to do one side of the hallway wall :( so i looked online for more, $80+ for vintage wallpaper! 17 more words

decor dilemma

I decided to really commit to color. I thought i was wayyy over white on white on white.

So i went to home hardware and picked the bluest green paint swatch and had two gallons mixed. 221 more words