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8 Unusual Methods for Preparing Pointe Shoes - Storify Edition

Did you know ballerinas use a variety of tools to customize their pointe shoes ranging from knives and fire to superglue and scissors?

…Yeah, me neither. 170 more words

use the head to help the squareness of fouetté

he said turning the head will help . I still cannot keep my body forward and hips squared after this flip yet ~


Danseur Ignoble: Weaksauce

We failed to eat dinner tonight (long story involving the complications of filling ADHD prescription), and my blood sugar tanked somewhere in the middle of barre. 105 more words


Very Inspiring Blogger Award

*stands up* *clears throat* First of all… I’d like to say that I saw various nominations for various awards around, yet I’ve never been a part of this, so I’m afraid that I don’t get the idea behind it (yet!) and it’s kind of my debut in a community… So please, just be patient with me. 728 more words


Ballet Reading Room

“Let us read, and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world.” ~Voltaire

Snow days and sick days led me to the point of reviewing various ballet books. 1,566 more words