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The Car Man

I have a thing for ballet dancers. There, it’s out there. Always have (ever since I was one myself), probably always will, (sadly I’m less sylph-like and more baby elephant at the moment, although I can finally see a marked improvement on Operation ‘Not Another Fat Christmas’). 452 more words


Balance: Sunday Journal

Spring has never felt more welcome. And as sure as it has felt like spring for the past week we are evidently in for 50s, clouds and rain for the next. 604 more words

Handsome Chef Boyfriend

Russians in Montreal: Anna Karenina by the Eifman Ballet, St-Petersburg Theatre

Of all my expectations for this show I was definitely not expecting to recognize in it choreography from my year-end high school jazz recital. Straight from St. 1,143 more words


up close on chameleon

There’s less than one week left in the season, and my body is begging for a break.  Bruises splatter my knees and my eyes wander out the window towards the sunshine too many times throughout the rehearsal day.   509 more words



Hey there, my name is Alanna and I’m an aspiring war historian. Three years ago, I wouldn’t have imagined that I’d be saying that. But that’s the beauty of life; it’s a series of contradictions and unexpected events. 273 more words