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Packing for a Ballet Summer Course & GIVEAWAY!

Today I take you through how and what to pack for a ballet summer course. You don’t need to stuff your suitcase to the brim. I talk about ballet clothes, leotards, tights, pointe shoes, normal clothes and shoes, as well as toiletries and other items you may need. 38 more words


The Dance Bag Challenge, Kit Edition

Questions in italics, answers in regular type. From http://www.welliesandpearlsandballetshoes.wordpress.com/2015/03/26/are-you-ready-for-the-dange-bag-challenge/   (oops, for whatever reason link doesn’t want to work – even though I could swear I have no typos…) 791 more words

Adult Ballet Beginners

Thursday Class: ... I Was Dancing!

Similar barre to Tuesday, with one exception: We started doing echappe and changements at the barre from fifth instead of from first. Instead of just doing 8 of them in a row we did 3 in a row, sous-sus balance, another 3 in a row and sous-sus balance.   1,205 more words

Adult Ballet Beginners

Surprise Wednesday Class

In a nutshell…

Got out of lab early so I raced on over to Evening Studio. Since I knew the first day of lab we usually do very little, I had packed a pair of tights, leotard and shoes in case I had time to make it to class.   586 more words

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Apparently, I'm Tall...

… or at least that’s my leotard size.

Went on another expedition to the Big City that included a stop at the dance outlet shop.  When I went last time, right as I was paying for my stuff I saw that they had those little knit bun covers and I thought they were so cute, but I already had exact change in hand.   1,031 more words

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It's been so long!

Oh goodness, guys, it’s been such a long time! Let’s see, what’s happened in that time?

I’ve started attending one improvers class each week. It’s pretty intense but I love it. 220 more words


Wednesday: Compliments, Ballet Class, And A 'Lil TMI

Fun day today, first Pilates, then ballet…

In Pilates class this morning, I was sitting on my mat with my in legs front of me, open about, let’s see, I wanna say about 120° or so, and one of my classmates was like “we can’t even get our legs to do that!” 703 more words

Adult Ballet Beginners