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Salacious Sentiment (or Romance of Ruin)

Silk over satin,

Satan’s symmetry,

Presents soft suede,

You imprison me,

With delicate, dangerous,

Desire so delicious,

Portent of passion,

Potentially pernicious.


Sorcelo's Crane

Cranes were sent by Juisara (Goddess of weather) in the wake of the first winter, to inform the world that spring had arrived; hence The Dance of The Crane is performed at spring festivals in various cultures. 164 more words


Silly Poem #161

My wife fell in the river and drowned,

Oh my poor, poor honey!

I rushed straight to the bank but she,

Had already withdrawn the money! 7 more words



‘The Glowleaf Tree was a torch,

That lit up the land of our kith,

Until ‘progress’ and civilization,

Burned it in to myth.’


From the Ballads and Leys of Druidshome, Tales of Ancient Telluria.



‘Mandaat’s men were often amused with the irony that the stubborn general’s name was an anagram of ‘adamant’.


Journal entry found in the barracks of Gothorica’s garrison.



‘Lastaria was keen on crucifixion, if she got cross – you ended up on a cross.’


Bridging The Chronicles of Tarkus and The Teneran Chronicles



“If The Sundering was the Gods whispering of their displeasure, I would hate to hear them scream…”


Nathaniel Rioretti