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Spring Break: Mt. Baldy, Joshua Tree, and San Diego.

Mt. Baldy

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Joshua Tree

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San Diego

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I don’t mind ChemoKid losing her hair, but I realised the other day that I can’t remember her before she lost it.   This might not sound too bad, but given that she’d gone from blondy, to short blondy to baldy.   99 more words


Silly Poem #180

I am not suggesting that my wife,

Feels our marriage is a fetter,

But instead of ringing for an ambulance,

During my heart attack, wrote them a letter!


Silly Poem #179

I lost my job as a regular sperm donor,

It really caused quite a fuss,

When I was late because my car broke down,

And I had to come on the bus…



Silly Poem #177

Marrying both the loves of my life,

Seemed a solution without flaw,

Until I discovered the punishment for bigamy,

Was two mothers-in-law…