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Retirees Go Abroad – Ordinary Lives living in the UK –A cunning plan

As an avid viewer of Blackadder and his side-kicks Lord Percy and Baldrick, my attention is always grabbed by anything featuring Tony Robinson (Baldrick) now Sir Tony. 577 more words

Derbyshire Expeditions

MK Ultra Club at Lunatic Outpost


I include BRA’s facebook page, since he was the one sent in to gain personal information about me, for these people, and I have accused his brother several times of then instructing him to post a message to hurt me, as soon as I had come online, and then made several attempts to mind control me after that. 834 more words

Back on Track (Yesterday)

It was the day before New Year’s Eve (or New Year’s Eve Eve, if you prefer) and muggins here made it home from the office at a decent time and decided to go for a run. 594 more words


Scrooge 22: Blackadder's Christmas Carol

And now we have a very unique offering for Scrooge Month, all the way from Great Britain- The Blackadders Christmas Carol.

This is a completely hilarious riff on the Christmas Carol story but unlike… 448 more words

Scrooge Month

Reluctant Sale of Baldrick (Ngaku) the Steam Boat

Reluctant Sale of Baldrick (Ngaku) the Steam Boat

Anyone need a nice little 16′ Vos clinker (has original builders plate) with divine provenance but a little prostituted by a steam engine and boiler. 177 more words