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love or money

between love or money what would you choose? It’s a question so hard to think over and make decision. It is two powerful opposing forces that will not blend but we can’t live without. 394 more words


The Magician and The High Priestess

After he embarks on his journey,  the Fool stumbles into the presence of the Magician and the High Priestess. They are the two balancing elements that create the perceived world. 186 more words

The Looking Glass

Finding That Perfect Work-Life Balance

Finding that perfect balance between your work life and you personal life can be extremely challenging. However, once that balance is achieved, you will be able to enjoy every aspect of your life. 673 more words


Running with the Trees Day 25) Napowrimo

Horizontally stretched in opposite direction

A runner’s stance – orchestrated

to go the distance.

Measuring her (stride)full -breath

each vibrating  tentacles

evoking the wind

There are earthquakes, of explosions in all directions… 108 more words



The irony of Balance is that it was made out of circumstances that were totally unbalanced. The once great band of Van Halen had disintegrated into squabbles between an increasingly angry Sammy Hagar, a now full-blown alcoholic Eddie Van Halen, the somewhat partially sober Alex Van Halen and a disenfranchised Michael Anthony. 823 more words


Natural Wonder

As I write this night,
I think of the naturals in their wonder;
those who school and plunder
effortlessly through their craft.

And although daft, 51 more words