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King Pigeon, Part 3 of 4

Because the full expression of King Pigeon involves a wild amount of rotation in the shoulder and upper back, a strap is an awesome way to ease into the pose without putting excess strain on the joints. 294 more words


144 - now with musical accompaniment.

Indulge me; as you read this, click on this link and have the song playing while you read. This song was my soundtrack coming down the hill towards the Harbour bridge, in the half-light of dusk, rain and wind whipping at the car, car lights all I can see, enjoying the drive home. 464 more words


Victory is Now


Mango Thunderslice

The Will is the Cause to every Effect,

The Wheel turns Cogs: they become

a Fact, and the Life you experience… 157 more words


Twin Flames: old paradigm relationship constructs don't apply in Sacred Union

If you’ve been on this journey long, well-meaning friends, therapists, family members, spiritual guides, colleagues and energetic healers may tell you various versions of:

Twin Flames

Sunday Quote: Impermanence

A self that goes on changing

is a self that goes on living

Virginia Wolff


Leading toward sustainability with coffee grinds...

I’m not particularly good at environmental sustainability, but I think it’s a cracker of a concept.

I would like to be the person who has no waste in their house, reuses everything, and grows their own vegetables. 278 more words


Neurotypicals Take Note – Accepting Compliments

What do you say…?

How often has someone said that to you? Or how often have you said it to your student or child? The problem is, the answer is a lot more complicated than just “Thank you.” 388 more words