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Back to lifting!

This week, for the first time in 6 weeks am back lifting! I’ve definitely lost a lot of strength, but better to have lost some strength now than my total ability to lift at all later. 201 more words


Topfen-Früchtetorte, Low Carb

Hallo meine Lieben,

heute habe ich mal wieder Zeit zum „backen“ gefunden und mich an ein neues Rezept gewagt!

Ihr habt sicher schon bemerkt, dass ich Topfenkuchen und alles in der Form liebe. 370 more words

Spring Renewal Ceremony

1. Living Within the Seasonal Cycle

We see in the natural cycles of seasonal change that there exists a constant process of change and transformation: sprouting, growing, blooming, wilting, seeding, greening, flourishing, fruiting, subsiding, advancing, receding, wetting, drying, conceiving, bearing, birthing, breathing, living, maturing, aging, dying, and dreaming. 629 more words


~Himalayan Salt Lamps~ Stone of the Week!

Himalayan Salt Lamps are both beautiful and also very healthy to be around. Known as natures ionizer’s, they release negative ions into the air and not only improve the atmosphere in any room but also improve its air quality.  199 more words


A Balanced Life : On Using Energy Wisely (Part 1)

I remember when I discovered in my own life that I required balance to function free of depression. It was my first year in graduate school. 1,221 more words



It is very tempting once we have put our plans into operation to return to them incessantly and make changes or amendments unnecessarily.

However, meddling with something once it has started can have disastrous or unforeseen consequences. 337 more words


It's called work for a reason.

I saw a Facebook post today that inspired this post.  Before I get into it though, I want to be clear.  I like my job, I like what I do, I like my boss and I feel I am DAMN good at what I do.   617 more words

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