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Banana Oat Bread

I have a true love / hate relationship with bananas. As an extremely picky eater through my childhood, I did not eat bananas regularly until I was 23. 640 more words


White chocolate coconut brownies

A while ago somebody told me that “it’s really not difficult to make something taste good if you use butter and sugar” and although I agree with this (come on, we’d all eat sugar covered butter if we could), it can still be difficult to make something that tastes amazing. 593 more words

Baked Goods

Apple pastry roses

The latest food related social media buzz I’ve noticed are these roses made from apple slices and pastry. It popped up on my youtube feed and apparently it’s all over facebook. 505 more words


Butterfly cakes

This one is based on my mum’s recipe for what she calls a 4-5-6 cake. A 4-5-6 cake contains 4oz butter/margarine, 5oz sugar and 6oz flour, as opposed to the classic 4/4/4 mix. 704 more words


Girl Scout Cookie Crust

This is just a quick post of another reason to buy Girl Scout cookies, as if you really needed another one.

I am a fan of the Trefoils shortbread cookies.   154 more words

Girl Scout Cookies


High protein, low carb, amazingly soft and airy and all Paleo. The eggs and apple cider vinegar do their magic perfectly.

Suggestion – Be sure not to pack the coconut flour into the measuring cup; it’ll make the bread stodgy. 138 more words

CookFIT Fundamental

Tie-Dye Cupcakes

What an easy way to show a little team spirit. ¬†Obviously, I was going for a yellow and green theme here (the colors of my son’s tennis team). ¬† 191 more words

Baked Goods