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The Truth About Being Fat Then Getting Skinny

Last night I was at a BBQ and we were talking about weight loss and I was telling them how I lost the weight and my workout routine and how I would calorie count my food and portion control everything. 758 more words

Weight Loss

Sunday Snapshots

From left to right: 1) Celebrating the 4th with Chandon summer rosé. 2) Welcome to a new month! Let’s make the most of it. 3)  28 more words


Kandil de bougies

Margarine: 125 g
Liquide d’huile: 1 tasse
Mahaleb: 1 cuillère à café
Lait: 1 tasse
Sucre: 2 cuillères à soupe
Poudre à lever: 1 paquet… 98 more words


Kandil Bagel

Margarine: 125 g
Flüssigen Öl: 1 Tasse
Mahaleb: 1 TL
Milk: 1 Tasse
Zucker: 2 Esslöffel
Backpulver: 1 Packung
Eier: 1
Die: genug, entscheiden Sie selbst, 68 more words


kandil 베이글

마가린 : 125g
액체 기름 1 컵
Mahaleb : 1 작은 술
우유 1 컵
설탕 2 큰술
베이킹 파우더 : 1 팩
계란 : 1
: 자신을 위해, 결정 충분히
소금 : 충분히, 스스로 결정
참깨 : 양

먼저 큰 그릇에 밀가루를 넣어. 밀가루와 마가린을 섞는다. 그릇에 다른 성분과 달걀 흰자를 넣어. 반죽 할 때까지 섞는다. 반죽의 작은 조각을 떼어냅니다. 실린더 모양의이 부분을 확인합니다. 그리고 도넛 모양을 제공합니다. 계란을 적용합니다. (계란이 먼저 노른자). 핑크까지 쿡.

식사 맛있게하세요.


Kandil Bagel

Margarine: 125 g
Liquid Oil: 1 cup
Mahaleb: 1 tsp
Milk: 1 cup
Sugar: 2 tablespoons
Baking powder: 1 pack
Eggs: 1
The: enough, decide for yourself… 66 more words


Sesame Bagel With Butter

My boyfriend’s ma prepared breakfast for me, she’s so sweet. I haven’t tried sesame bagel with butter I either have it with Nutella or with cream cheese. 23 more words

Cooking With Me