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We must bury you

Ik laat me in het bad zakken. Het schuim knispert in mijn oren en ik ruik eucalyptus, precies zoals de Duitstalige badschuimverpakking me belooft. Schuin achter in de badkamer, op een droge plek, ligt mijn iPad die liedje voor liedje een tragisch album van Katatonia voor me afspeelt. 612 more words


Hello world!

hey guys, i recently watched a movie called jackass. now i’ve seen this movie before but this time it made me think. these guys go and do whatever the fuck they want for no fucking reason. 104 more words


Day 16: Frómista to Carrión de los Condes

Not all of the Camino is beautiful and glorious. As I write this I am shivering under a blanket with my full kit on because the hostal owner refuses to put the heat on. 570 more words


The 13 Unavoidable Stages of Exam Stress

It’s that time of year again. Sadly.

1. That moment when you realize that exams are starting soon.
I think that we all have those “holy crap” moments when we realize exams start in less than a week and you still have to start studying. 307 more words


The Thing About Pain: Very Important!

Don’t make fun of someone because they’re in pain. Especially when you have no idea what they’ve been through.

by R.C.