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Three Words

I don’t want these people around anymore, when you were the best.

I didn’t mean to push, when your heart was made of glass.

There was a shivering inside, needing to know you were mine. 74 more words


I Can't Do One Good Thing For Myself - I Can Do Many Bad Things To Myself

I know I m in this deep hole – and in a lot of ways it feels soooooooo hopeless. At times I think in very suicidal terms. 98 more words

Stay here Stay sh...

I feel so unattached, To everything attaching itself to me

So is that why watching her leave-leaves me so unsettling

I don’t even know her… 62 more words


What Does 'Good' Mean Anyway?

I read a book today called ‘Tremendous Trifles’, authored by G. K. Chesterton. Why am I writing about it?

  1. I like his writing style and the way he makes the reader visualize everything that he says.
  2. 437 more words

Greed: Good or Bad – Scientific Views


Greed is an extreme crave of human desire. I think it is a curse because it is harmful; physically, mentally and spiritually. Moreover, it is caused due to two reasons; first, the undue eagerness of achieving one’s wishes. 696 more words


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There’s good, there’s bad, and there’s me

I am now sitting here all alone wondering how shall I describe that I simply do not fit in – in my class, in my pants from last summer, in this world. 225 more words


The Varying Shades of the Assholes

I was at dinner on Tuesday and the topic of assholes came up. I have come across three  types of assholes but I am certain that there most be more. 123 more words