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Episode 3 - Scary Plane Watch


This episode is dedicated to those painfully unfunny comedies that no one asked for. They promised laughs, they gave only pain and a vague feeling of ennui. 99 more words


The Last Dragon

The Last Dragon

This post is based on a viewer request, which is being filled due to a donation to the Secular Student Alliance via my campaign during Secular Students Week (June 10-17, 2015). 1,378 more words


The Worst Movie Ever?

(Originally posted at The Scribblerati)

Last weekend a few intrepid friends and I sat down to my husband’s stellar waffles and watched what some folk call the Worst Movie Ever. 902 more words


First Timer | Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter / Part IV (1984)

For no particular reason – let’s say it’s for the new Scream TV show, because who cares – here’s the next one in my First Timer series: … 1,089 more words


This Is The Wierdest Trailer Ever

For a mainstream movie.  I have never seen the Exorcist 2.  I skipped right to Exorcist 3.  But this trailer for the Exorcist 2 is…well..insanely funny.


The Dentist 2

The Dentist 2

Today’s flick is Brian Yuzna’s unwarranted 1998 sequel to The Dentist, The Dentist 2.

The Dentist 2 is, of course, a sequel to 1996’s… 833 more words


Cemetery Gates #11 Creature from Black Lake (1976) - Backwoods (Geek) (1987)

AndroidVirus and Xander Kane review the worst in horror so you don’t have to! This week we are discussing two movies about horror in the woods and swamplands! 101 more words