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Dracula 3000

Dracula 3000

Today’s flick is the atrocious futuristic Dracula tale, “Dracula 3000.”

“Dracula 3000″ was co-written and directed by Darrell Roodt, who also worked on films such as “Dangerous Ground” and “Cry, The Beloved Country.” The other credited writer is Ivan Milborrow, who has primarily worked as a sound worker on films like “From Dusk Till Dawn 3″ and “Spud.” 1,349 more words


Dead Heat

Dead Heat

Today’s feature is the infamous undead buddy cop movie, “Dead Heat.”

The director for “Dead Heat” was Mark Goldblatt, an accomplished editor for such films as… 1,552 more words


Ragini MMS2...Don't forget your condom!

There have been several times in my life that I have been scarred indelibly. Like the time I was denied the freedom of blowing spit bubbles or the time I was denied the shoes that lit up with flashing lights. 636 more words

Bad Experience

Why do so many multi-writer films stink out loud?

Because writing is solitary. It’s a vision thing. You can’t listen to other people while you’re talking.

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Vampire's Kiss

Vampire’s Kiss

Today’s feature is arguably the most Nicolas Cage of all of the Nicolas Cage movies: “Vampire’s Kiss.”

“Vampire’s Kiss” was written by Joseph Minion, who also wrote the screenplay for Martin Scorcese’s cult classic comedy “After Hours.” The director for “Vampire’s Kiss” was a fellow named Robert Bierman who was taking on his first directorial role on a feature film. 1,483 more words

Bad Movies

Movies watched on 5-21-15

Gamera:Guardian of the Universe-Even though I’m a bigger Godzilla fan, these Gamera films just always seem to be more entertaining. That’s probably due to having cooler production design (In the both 60’s & 90’s franchises) 72 more words


Top Ten Worst Movies

So, I am a big big fan of watching movies that I randomly find on Netflix without even really reading the summary. This has led to some fantastic amazing finds (maybe I’ll write about those tomorrow), and it has led to some… well… less than amazing finds. 1,591 more words