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We are all Mukto-Mona

 ‘Our aim is to build a society which will not be bound by the dictates of arbitrary authority, comfortable superstition, stifling tradition, or suffocating orthodoxy but would rather be based on reason, compassion, humanity, equality and science’.

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What you get out is what you put in...

It is officially speech week. After yesterday, I have heard roughly 15-20% of the students present their information. Some good reminders to help you along the way: 183 more words

The only New York we see: Juhi Tyagi and Karn Kowshik


When most tourists visit New York City, what they see is the New York that you see on TV – Times Square, Carnegie Hall, a Broadway Show and maybe a visit to the Legendary Soup Nazi. 1,022 more words

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That Elusive Thing with Feathers - After the Killing of Avijit Roy: Abdul Bari

Guest Post by ABDUL BARI

Avijit Roy was brutally murdered in Dhaka a few days ago. His wife, after heroically trying to shield his person with her own body, now lies in an ICU bed, fighting for her life.  680 more words

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Happy National Pig Day!

Me: Apparently, today is National Pig Day.

Amelia: Oh? Are we getting a pig? Like, wouldn’t it be cool if they just give away free pigs to celebrate and everyone gets one? 54 more words

Graft, Sectarianism, and War in the Middle East

Bahrain, which is a close ally of Saudi Arabia, is dealing with serious terrorism issues. Why, you ask? Well, Bahrain is a majority Shia country under the yoke of Sunni royalty. 378 more words

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A poem for Rafida Ahmed Banna - Avijit Roy's Partner: Irfanul Rahman Rafin

Guest Post by Irfanul Rahman Rafin, translated from Bengali

[ Kafila normally does not carry poetry. But sometimes we make an exception, and we are making one in the case of this tribute by Irfanul Rahman Rafin, dedicated to Rafida Ahmed Banna, Bangladeshi blogger and partner of… 278 more words

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