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Reality is Flawed

 I have come to the conclusion that reality is flawed.  I have some great ideas, but in reality they don’t work.  Since the idea is flawless, reality must be flawed. 189 more words

The Priya Vedi Suicide: Diwas Raja Kc and Alston D’Silva

This is a guest post by Diwas Raja Kc and Alston D’Silva

On the 18th of April this year, Dr. Priya Vedi of AIIMS tragically ended her life and left a Facebook note incriminating her husband—fellow doctor at AIIMS Dr. 1,280 more words

Bad Ideas

Joss Whedon Didn't Think 'Daredevil' Would Work As A TV Show

Netflix has a massive hit on its hands with Daredevil, as we all know. But the show apparently had a surprisingly powerful enemy early on: Joss Whedon. 237 more words


Princess on the Run

So this seems obvious in retrospect.

If someone insists that you call them daddy, stop talking to them immediately. Don’t rationalize, saying “I am too interested in the ridiculousness, it will make a fun blog post” That is not important. 304 more words

Perfect Split

We went paint balling for a guy named Steve-o’s bachelor party.  Bob, being Bob, was a really good friend with Steve-o and took particular care to take extra shots at Steve-o.   68 more words