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What I learned from Retail

Not much really. A lot of time during work I spent on asking myself whether the eleven bucks I got every hour was worth the bad customers. 177 more words


How To NOT Do a Lapdance

I was reading a blog post on tumblr today about strip club rules aka how to have a good experience. It can be found here… 573 more words


Customers: Complaints Over the Phone

Every once in a while, someone will phone in a complaint that typically happened earlier that day or after they just left. It’s perfectly reasonable to be upset about a messed up order and wanting compensation. 1,264 more words


Customers: Blazin' Up

The town in which I live in rather small, but people know where where to get their recreational resources around here. Finding late-night food on the other hand, it’s a little harder to find. 387 more words


January 3rd 2015

Dear Diary,

Today.. was hell and heaven. A co-manager at Walmart offered me at job in electronics after hearing I quit Mcdonalds. I gladly took it. 186 more words

January 2nd 2014

Dear Diary,

Today.. I could have passed on it.. I woke up at 6 am.. To write my resignation letter. Gave it to my boss everything went well. 159 more words

Mcdonalds Brawl

Today working at mcdonalds as i usually do it was abnormally busy and we ran out of CO2 which was my managers fault but we couldn’t spare anyone. 401 more words