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Dog and Bear: Two Friends Three Stories

“With each step, Bear became braver.  Finally, Bear reached Dog.”

Dog and Bear made their appearance around the holidays.  Dog and Bear have outstayed their welcome.   203 more words


5 Books I Don't Get.

As someone who is very easily pleased by books, it’s not often that I really dislike books. What’s more odd is when I dislike books which most people adore. 466 more words



So the story goes that Peter the Great (Pyotr Alexeyevich) discovered his wife Catherine had taken a lover.  Pyotr had the man beheaded, the head placed in a jar, and as punishment forced Catherine to look at it.   48 more words


Book review: The Traitor's Wife, by Alison Patnik (this is not how you write historical fiction)

This was, frankly, a hate listen.

I almost tossed it back early, but I had some curiosity to see how the marriage was handled — then I wanted to see how characters evolved through later events, and also the validation to be able to write this review. 596 more words


Saturday Updates: Apologies for Absence and Other News

Hi fellow readers!

I’m sure some have noticed that I hadn’t posted anything in a little over a week. I did my best, but a few contributing factors were the fact that my laptop was out for five weeks (!) for repairs and I kind of hit a book slump. 288 more words


Richard Scarry

“Ma and Pa and Pickles and Penny Pig are going on a picnic.  Here comes Ma with the picnic basket.  Please hurry up, Ma.”

I admit, I brought this on myself.   982 more words


So what exactly constitutes to a bad plot?

Remember back in the day when being published meant you most likely wrote something that would qualify as a “literary masterpiece”? Of course you don’t, you weren’t even born yet. 541 more words