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How to Write a Really Rotten Novel

In my years of reading, I have learned to recognize many techniques whose employment guarantees a truly impoverished work of fiction. In case you’re interested in writing one, I’m going to share them with you. 373 more words

Book Reviews

Review: As The Last Petal Lingers, or, Always Read The First Page

So a little while ago I was stocking up on Kindle titles, because you know, having 300 hard copy books I haven’t read just wasn’t enough for me. 1,571 more words


The Worst Books of 2014

Here is the sister post to The Best Books of 2014. I am sure that these are not the WORST books EVER to be read in 2014, but they were at the bottom of the heap of books I read last year. 581 more words


Discussion: The Most Disappointing Book Sequel (For You)

Sometimes an author’s debut novel or their first novel in a new series is just awesome.  You fall in love with the characters, the world-building and the author’s writing style and you’re so eager for the sequel that you can hardly wait.  253 more words

I'm Going Through A Bit Of A Rough Patch

In case you didn’t already know, I love to read. But here’s the thing books and I we are kind of going through a rough patch. 233 more words


Sexy Books: Switched

Currently reading: Switched by Amanda Hooking. This is the story of Wendy, whose mother tried to kill her when she was only six. Now, in her teens, Wendy still feels like an outsider even around her loved aunt and brother. 261 more words


Self-published crap.

I’ve picked up a handful of self-published books over the years, not many, and I have to say, I have noticed a distinct lack of polish in the writing in most of them. 411 more words