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Camp calls. Two in one week?

So today I got a call that jack had misbehaved with his water bottle by squirting someone. He wouldn’t stop when asked. Then he wouldn’t give up his water bottle when asked. 280 more words


Marketing and Sales: Better Cooperation Needed

Even though, a company’s sales personnel are typically viewed as part of the marketing function, there are also differences of opinion and sometimes conflicts between marketing and sales. 436 more words


Is Data Mining Good for Consumers?

Privacy and identity theft are important issues for all of us. With that in mind, a critical question for data miners is: How do consumers feel about data-mining practices being deployed by companies and other organizations? 226 more words

Zarb Means Business

Oh, The Irony

My New Neighbor came over yesterday.  I have never met her so I thought, how nice!  Well, she doesn’t say, “Hi”, or bother to introduce herself and launches into a tirade about how she is terrified her toddler son will get hurt by a section of my fence that could fall over.   273 more words


Poor Decisions in Parenting That are Avoidable

Having children is a huge responsibility.  I think we can all agree with that.  You go from someone who thinks an awful lot about themselves, to someone who thinks about the health and well-being of the little people you bring into the world.   510 more words


There's No Hiding the Catnip

A few days ago I took the blender out of the cabinet and before i could close the door, Chris was in the cabinet. I knew getting him out would be difficult but I was certain I could lure him out with cat treats, so I took them out of the cabinet, that was right next to Chris, and made a big announcement that I had kitty treats. 151 more words

Epidemic of Pettiness

The idea that, “perception is reality” and therefore justifies belief in an untruth or inaccuracy is ridiculous.
Whether gathered from social media, television or just local rumor, consideration for information accuracy is critical for a society based on integrity and fair play. 49 more words