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It's Not Just About Happy Customers; Angry Customers Matter Too

All companies — large and small — treasure and understand the value of their happiest customers. The number and loyalty of these customers is often the difference between success and failure. 159 more words

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Bridge Burning: A Matter of Trust

No doubt you’ve heard the cliché “don’t burn bridges,” but what does it mean in relation to professional development and does it really matter? 535 more words

Career Development

R or G rated

So I have never been strict on the movies my children watch. I do however forbid any sexual scenes. Now that my oldest is 13 and didn’t seem to be affected by this but my 8 and 6 year olds have behavioural problems I wonder if its due to the media they are exposed to. 107 more words


Candy Bar Mom, My Hero: Battling Bad Behavior in Public

Even though I was working in the back-end of the store, I  heard the customer’s child screaming demands at his mom. I had been trudging along at work for hours and found myself very irritated by the child’s behavior. 581 more words


Circling the drain

As many of you are aware, astrophysicist and paid climate change denier Willie Soon was recently exposed as the sell-out of the century, having received 100% of his research funding from fossil fuel companies in exchange for writing bogus scientific papers denying the validity of anthropogenic climate change. 564 more words



When your kids participate in cyberbullying, it’s just the same as punching that kid in the face! For some reason, kids think that they can say or do whatever they want to people as long as it’s via text message, emails or any other social media outlet. 355 more words