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Cell Phones and Child Abuse

Now before anyone rips into me about using cell phones, I get it, I really do. I have a “cell phone” and occasionally something funny or entertaining gets my attention so I stop . 526 more words


Could This be the End of Outside Adventures?

We let our cats outside again on Sunday for some backyard fun. This time nobody caught a lizard and Frankie did not get on the roof (although he came close), but there was trouble nonetheless. 313 more words

APRIL is child abuse prevention and awareness month!

This statement couldn’t be any truer! It shouldn’t hurt to go home but according to statistics many children are doing just that. Going to be hurt by caretakers responsible for providing a nurturing, caring and safe enciroent for them. 435 more words


Stop breathing like that.

The crown jewel of my twenty-nine years is travel. Yes, I’m one lucky duck. When I was born, my dad was a traveling correspondent and my mom and I would accompany him on business trips. 607 more words

Bikram Yoga

She's Not Mean, Just Mentally Ill

Dear Annie: I’ve been married to “Lily” for 15 years, and we have two teenagers. We’ve built a good life. But Lily is an unhappy person.

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Let's welcome new Wall of Shame member, Gil Kemp

By now, most people who are concerned about climate change have heard about the student movement on college campuses to divest from fossil fuels. This brilliant idea to stigmatize the fossil fuel industry has roots in a similar approach (which was extremely successful) roughly 30 years ago, when students demanded that their universities divest from investments and sever all ties with financial institutions directly involved with the apartheid government of South Africa. 457 more words

Bad Behavior

The bad behavior of the past (Greek text only)

“What has been wickedly accomplished

Through the pestilent behavior

Of those who exercise authority unworthily,

Can be seen,

Not so much from the more ancient records that we hand on, … 109 more words