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A gallery of love letters

In my volunteer role as a league administrator, I get a lot of email. In technical terms, I believe a shit ton of email better describes the volume. 249 more words

Youth Sports

I might have to admit I'm racist

So I have talked a lot about racism and it’s far reaching tentacles but its time I look at my own faults.

Okay maybe racist is not the word I’m looking for but maybe I believe in some stereotypes. 429 more words

Deepak Chopra's Twitter Trolling Continues

Deepak Chopra is still trolling people on Twitter, it seems. On February 10th Professor Brian Cox appeared on Conan and related a familiar story about Chopra’s behavior. 258 more words

Social Media

Not even pretending to care

This was a reporter from the Louisville Courier-Journal’s impression of the meeting I attended today in Frankfort. I’m so glad that he was there to witness what transpired in that “public hearing” about fracking. 105 more words


Why You Must Not Ignore Bad Behavior

Relationships are the foundation of a successful school, business, family, and society. Bad behavior by default separates and divides, it never brings people together. When people are being pushed apart because of someone’s behavior (young or old) it is impossible to build or strengthen a relationship. 275 more words

Don Shomette

Punishment Poll

Sweet, isn’t he?

He is what I’ll call my more challenging child when it comes to a lot of things, but specifically in regard to school behavior.   400 more words

And A Mom Too...

Damn my girl parts

Okay I have pretty much prided myself in being a dude with tits and continuously having no fucks to give.  But some where in the past ten years (after the birth of my child) I have become a blubbering emotional woman…..and I hate it! 339 more words