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@PODfellas » Jared Leto's Joker Revealed?

Its a day an age where nothing is really kept under wraps anymore and we just want to know more and more from big Hollywood blockbusters. 29 more words


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Can't wait for SS!! I'm going to watch this release at the IMAX for sure!! I'm still not sure about Leto?! There are better men to play The Joker ♥. 2016 seems so far away. :( ~~~~F

A New Horse in Town!

435 of them to be exact….The garage will soon take on a whole new look.  Yes, my new Mustang has been ordered and the delivery date is somewhere around early June.  107 more words


The Fighter

Was watching a hockey line brawl and showed it to the old man.  Old man waved it away, saying he hates hockey and fighting especially.  The reason – he said he used to scrap all the time as a kid.   60 more words


Deadlifts! Do they matter?

Written by:  Kevin Busch     Photo by:  Amber Karnes

Deadlifts are of those exercises that you either love or hate.  However, the question that remains is… are they important for your goals?   455 more words

VIES Magazine

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My answer is... Yes! Of course deadlifts matter!!! And yes indeed this is a lift that you can't fake. It isn't a lift for lazy people. If you aren't deadlifting, squatting and benching, do you even lift LoL? That is the real question!! Good write up Busch and excellent photo showing strict form Karnes!! ~~~F

Inz n Outz 15/04/15


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Wait and See

How indecisive I’ve become
its all because of love

This goddamn feeling that has been evading me since the day I was born
Stupid, overrated, essential love. 255 more words

Loving Yourself and Making Bad-ass Little Girls

As I grow older (not that I’m old…. 28 years young) I am recognising how much I ‘verbally bash’ myself. How mean I can be to myself with negative self talk. 777 more words