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Shattering the monolith

The monolith: Pat Hayden Jones, Renegade, 220,000 words (before a couple attempts to slash & burn), a history of a character, a universe I’ve been musing about for many years. 434 more words


Beginnings Part Two

31 December 2499

Lianna tried to enjoy the New Years party for the bit of fun and excess it was, but couldn’t help thinking about all the people who could have been fed just off the wasted food at the party. 917 more words

Fan Fiction

The Tale of Tixxy Greenwrench

The sirens were beginning to wail as Tixxy walked with her parents to work, holding their hands. Today was a momentous day because it was the day that the High Tinker would rid the lower levels of Gnomeregan of the trogg menace once and for all. 712 more words


H is for Horses

Horses have an important role in the ongoing plotline of the Gauntlet Series. When I first came up with the idea of Alyn as a “horse mistress” it seemed somewhat common, so I decided to make her position much rarer than simply a girl who was good with horses. 471 more words



4 March 2497 Hera, just outside Serenity View

Lianna proudly took the baby from Papa and gently washed her, as instructed. She then swaddled her, something she’d practiced hundreds of times on her dolls, though a wiggling baby was much harder than a doll, and handed the child back to her beautiful mother. 1,409 more words

Fan Fiction

Guilty As Charged?

My name is Piper Anabelle Quinn, born on Beaumonde, March 14, 2481 (2518 – 37 years old)

My family owned a ranch on Beaumonde growing up. 538 more words

Fan Fiction

Family History

Efran’s parents were living in a small wealthy town a comfortable and respected life. One day the town was viciously attacked. No one knows what actually happened, no one survived to tell the tale. 221 more words