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There is one place she truly felt at home. It wasn’t a building with four walls and a roof. It was the place where the sun kissed her skin and the wind licked her hair. 171 more words


Transformers Sigma Squad (Meet The Villain)

Decrypting Decepticon files, Carnage, his primary alternate mode is a tank but due to an experiment performed by Shockwave he also has a helicopter alternate mode. 513 more words

Amor Fati: On Serendipity And Acceptance

My formula for human greatness in a human being is amor fati: that one wants nothing to be different, not in the future, not in the past, not for all eternity.

1,016 more words

greenest thumbs

There is a chance she loves to get her hands dirty. If it provides beauty or bounty to her life you may find her in the garden. 77 more words


that candle

She was a woman that followed her heart, but only chose to look at the signs if they supported her direction.

Looking back she could count all the small subtle things telling her to run. 187 more words


back when she met him

That night, when she was joyfully saying farewell to twenty four she also said goodbye to the person she thought he was.

They met in a sleepy town. 225 more words



The night she turned twenty five she swore to herself she’d never feel the way she did in her twenty fourth year ever again.

Twenty four. 125 more words