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John Doe

This was his haven. Two hours to trade the voices in his head for voices on the screen. Except he only wished he had voices in his head. 34 more words

Digital Photography

Top Ten Prequels and Sequels I/We Need

Hello everyone! So we all have read books that maybe needed an explanation behind some characters and where they came from (basically their backstory) or you wanted to know more about the future or you just wanted more from that author (JK Rowling, I’m looking at you!).   264 more words


A list of things, in no particular order

Feed kittens

Order music boxes

Prep for service

Check venue availability for winter concert





Consult with Silent Auction team


Call paint/repair company… 24 more words


Subplot Inception

This week neither Ashley nor Kathleen could remember whose turn it was to post. Thusly they have developed their new segment “Work it Out Commentary, with Ashley and Kathleen.” This week Ashley and Kathleen play with the idea of subplots. 1,100 more words


The Fourth of Story-a-Day May!

I didn’t expect to like writing challenges, but ever since I gave NaNoWriMo a try back in 2004, I’ve been hooked. The rules of NaNoWriMo and of Story-a-Day May free my imagination, which might sound contradictory, but it works for me. 568 more words

Hair Pulling

Oh and one more post I want to create now and I’ll detail up later. But she loved when I would get behind her whether doggy style or laying down on our sides which was her favorite, and I would pull her hair and go as deep as I could go getting this little sexy squeaks of orgasmic pleasure out of her and it was truly hot! 125 more words


Backstory! (not for me, for my characters)

Backstory is a beautiful thing. It’s part of what makes a book richer, the idea that there are a dozen little quirks and facts about the character that aren’t specifically defined on the page but that still shape what makes them someone to read about in excess. 385 more words