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Investigating the intractable character

This happens to me a lot. I get about halfway through a book and then suddenly lose my character’s train of thought. Mostly it happens when I lose track of their motivation, or the plot changes so the initial character dilemma no longer makes sense. 620 more words


Beginnings Part Three

6 March 2505

Lianna and Ai Jing sat in the garden, soaking up the sunshine and admiring the view. It was Lianna’s last day on Bellerophon, and, though she was glad to be going home, she was torn. 842 more words

Fan Fiction

The Story of Kurimbor Darkfeather, Part One


The story of Kurimbor really begins with his mother. She was a gryphon rider for the Alliance during the Second War against the orcs. During the battle for Blackrock, where Orgim Doom hammer was defeated, her gryphon was slain and the pair crash landed on the plains of ash at the base of Blackrock Mountain. 1,771 more words


Song Update: "All My Eyes Could See"

Ok, so I’ve reached the last song that I want to share for this particular story arc. I apologize for the large gap in what happens, since I have no songs for the bulk of Korvayn’s experiences through this second half, but let me summarize what I do know for sure. 1,141 more words


A Gathering of Rookies

Avril 27, 1033 P.W.D

            Wolfsbane Bendis sat there in his seat by the window in the Day Trip Class car on his way to Little Oak. 5,267 more words


No locks, no doors, no little boxes , just keys to the past: Probably also something for an office in a building long gone, equally unlockable and un-locatable.  14 more words


Shattering the monolith

The monolith: Pat Hayden Jones, Renegade, 220,000 words (before a couple attempts to slash & burn), a history of a character, a universe I’ve been musing about for many years. 434 more words