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Back to the Past

They stood together at the edges of the estate, hand and hand as the tower loomed before them. Kyla could see it even through the warding she had set up. 1,888 more words

Character Journal

5 Potent Ways To Improve Backstory

For the past few weeks I’ve taken a break from Dungeon Mastering to work on some novel re-writes, which you can read at the site where this was originally posted, at Masks of Monsters. 1,640 more words

Tabletop Gaming

Street scenes

The NY Times ran a story today about scenic street ambles from cities around Europe.. Here’s another place for a nice stroll….


Is the typewriter really that happy?

Well, you tell me:

That is one smug typewriter. I’m not sure what it will think of being cleaned, though…

Meanwhile, a much more modern appliance in the basement needs a new exhaust pipe.  43 more words

Tactless Observations

Agents of SHIELD, the Cavalry, and Backstory

Agents of SHIELD has always been able to get me talking about writing. It’s nice that I still get that, and actual good TV now. 706 more words


Pelts out of season

For some reason, I hadn’t thought about snakeskin for entire coats.  But in those Roaring 1920s, I guess it was a thing.

I think this was October, 1927.  35 more words



just in case you wanted to read FLYING RAT MAN’s full back story, here it is:

“It all started when my parents were BRUTALLY MURDERED one night after a performance of MADAME BUTTERFLY.   126 more words