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New Save Game

I am in the habit of picking up a game, especially an RPG, putting it down for months or years, and then picking it up again later – starting over from the beginning – and then getting really into it. 155 more words


History Part 1 - In the Beginning

For centuries the eastern lands of the verdant Genesee River valley were home to the Seneca people. A member of the Iroquois Confederacy, the Seneca’s were noted for their fierceness and bravery during battle as well as being accomplished farmers. 621 more words

Historic Preservation

The Brief O-blog-atory Autobiographical Memoir

Oh hey, glad you could make it to my first blog post. :) I thought I’d kick things off by sharing a small piece of how all of this started. 501 more words


Writing Yourself Out Of The Corner

This is one of those, “this is something I went through this week in my own writing” kind of posts. Though instead of having the end of the story, I’m actually in the middle of it still. 463 more words


The Wish

I was challenged to write a piece about my character as a child. So, here is a piece about Jeanie as a child, but I warn, it probably isn’t going to be the happiest piece around. 507 more words



Name: Creon

Height: 6’2″

Weight: 185 lbs.

Occupation: Warrior 172 more words