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"Backseat Mafia is going to the seaside" - COASTIVAL, Scarborough, 14th February

Backseat Mafia is going to the seaside. On February the 14th (that is Valentines day Рbut you love music, so it makes sense) they will be heading to Scarborough on the East Coast, for COASTIVAL ( 179 more words

Album Review : Language of Shapes :: Mother Mountain

Language of Shapes inhabit a musical world all their own. Not that they don’t allow certain musical influences to seep into that world and show themselves now and then, but for the most part LoS score their wonderful little universe all their own. 533 more words


New Music For The New Year: Albums To Look Forward To In 2015

I know, I know. This should be my favorite albums of 2014, not albums I’m looking forward to in 2015. As much as I love the favorite lists, and as satisfying as it is once I’m done with making my own and sharing it with the world, I have to admit it’s quite a daunting task for me. 1,258 more words


Artist Spotlight: Medicine's Brad Laner

As I sit and listen to Medicine’s newest record Home Everywhere I’m astounded by the fact that they’re still largely seen as an underground band. If I asked the first four people I see if they know who the band Medicine is they would all likely say they have no idea who they are. 1,438 more words


Album Review : My Drunken Haze :: My Drunken Haze

One listen to Athens, Greece quintet My Drunken Haze and their self-titled debut, you can tell they’ve done their homework. Their sound is colored with hues found on a late-60s psychedelic color wheel. 289 more words


Artist Spotlight : Continuous Momentum :: Thematic and their Endless Light

by E.A. Poorman

Yeah, I guess I’m a survivor of the 80s. I grew up and out of the decade of neon lights, pegged pants, and Punky Brewster. 1,810 more words


Live Review: Rise Against - Sheffield O2 - 03/11/14

One of the things I love about listening to Rise Against is the sound that they produce. It has a certain quality to it you don’t hear elsewhere. 393 more words