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Welcome to Hanoi

Welcome to Hanoi

You might have been to several places before arriving here in Hanoi, but believe me, Hanoi is special. It is one of a kind, it is something you never gonna find somewhere else in this whole world. 246 more words



Last year I was still contemplating and I never thought I would have gone along with this but here I am with my tickets booked. Im going on a trip next month and this time it is different from my previous trips. 373 more words

Update on Plans

Started traveling again! After two nights in Semuc Champey, I decided to follow some friends to Flores and Tikal. Then Guatemala City at a friend’s house and now on to Juayua, El Salvador for a food fair. 13 more words

Solo Travel: Northern China (11 days)

Traveled March 23rd – April 09, 2015

Travelling to China was a mind blowing experience, not so much by what I saw, but by having most of my preconceptions torn down, tossed out in to a back alley and having an older man squat over them. 2,173 more words

Adventure Travel

A little about me...

Sherack here,

Some of you know me as Alex, but a lot quickly come to know me as ‘Sherack.’ I once had a friend call up my home phone in primary school asking, “Can I speak to Sherack?” In which my mother replied, “Which one?” Nice one, Jeremy. 201 more words

Mexico City - Fifth and final week

Our Mexico City story continues. If you haven’t checked out the other sights we have visited and fun we have had in Mexico City please look at my posts for… 1,738 more words


Money Makes The World Go Round No. 2

In the last post of the Money Makes The World Go Round series I shared what you can do back home in preparation for your trip. 599 more words