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Bagpack Cartoon

👉RM65 SM
👉RM75 SS


Bag Cartoon 3 in 1

👉RM110 SM
👉RM120 SS


Selling: Granite Gear Crown V.C 60

Selling my Granite Gear Crown V.C 60 backpack that hasn’t seen too much use, still looks like new. It comes with both a small and medium size waist belt and the torso size is regular. 125 more words

Four new backpacks for the stylish man!

It’s been a while now since I presented any new backpacks, though I’m always on the outlook for suitable specimens. As for the previous posts (here, here and here), the parameters are basically the same: We need a replacement for the awful black standard-issue nylon backpack your company have provided you with. 1,214 more words



I gave in and bought this nearly $30 teething toy. Levi is officially teething. He’s been pretty vocal at night which is hard on Joey because he works late and it keeps us both so very exhausted the next day, so after a lot of thought and reading a face book post about how it’s life changing on making a happier baby, I decided to bite the bullet and purchased a few items including this magical giraffe on amazon.com I am excited to see how Levi interacts with the toy, I’m also terrified he becomes the small percentage of kids that hates it. 259 more words

A Story from my Travels: The Sleep-less Train

Dear Diary,

It is 13th August and I currently find myself on a hot, sweaty, smelly sleeper train from Hanoi to Danang from where we will take the 30 minute cab ride to Hoi An. 209 more words


Be Transient in Your Twenties: 10 Reasons to Travel Now

Claiming your twenties is one of the simplest, most transformative things you can do, according to renowned psychologist, Dr. Meg Jay. Each move can be more intentional than the last, and your twenties are a pivotal time to gain some control over your emotions, choose the steps that will eventually lead to the transient, ever-changing, course of your life, and plan for your path ahead. 1,090 more words