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The Next Bachelorette Race: Odds and Predictions

Britt (6:1 odds):  Britt was the definite front-runner: the producers gave her more than enough camera time, she was exotic and gorgeous, and she wasn’t from a farm in the middle of nowhere/single mom with baggage/English-as-a-second-language learner/other no-no form the get-go (assuming all of those personal hygiene claims were the product of jealous girls formulating rumors).  726 more words

These fabulous wedding headpieces, backpieces, hair jewelry and bridal hair pins will accent your hairstyle and veil and help create a memorable look.

All of these headpieces reflect a popular trend in bridal design this season. Just as you can find a dress that reflects your personality, you can find a headpiece that appropriately accents the dress. 20 more words


Bachelorette Party Planning: Party Favors

I strongly believe that there are two types of bachelorette parties, Rated R and Rated PG13, and with my sister we were definitely going PG13. 472 more words


Recap: The Bachelor, Episode 9

It’s that episode you’ve been waiting for: The episode where ABC execs convince Chris to leave the country! (Oh, and the episode where a virgin may spend the night in the fantasy suite. 2,961 more words

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Bachelorette Party Planning: Activities

Savannah, Ga. is a great place to have a Bachelorette party because they are so used to it. I think it is important to find a location that is constantly entertaining tourists because that is where you’re going to have the most fun. 434 more words


The Bachelor, episode 9: off to Bali for overnights

The Bachelor and his three remaining ladies get the heck out of the U.S. and find themselves in none other than Bali, Indonesia. Finally! We all deserve a little vacation after this season, don’t you think? 2,102 more words