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Fishy Funeral

When my grandson was about two, I went to babysit for a few days while his preschool was on break.  While he was happy enough to have me visit, he wasn’t altogether satisfied with my babysitting services.   112 more words


Care.com Bans Members Without Investigating Complaints Against Them First

We live in a world where consumers not only expect instant gratification from the online products and services they pay for, but also instant justice when they believe they’ve been wronged. 1,333 more words

Home time - not quite

We all love it, the end of the working day the clock ticking over to the end of our shift.  But how many of us would enjoy being told can you hang around and baby sit little Timmy for 20 minutes as his mother is running late. 201 more words



I like babysittin’.
I make him laugh
And he makes me laugh too.
I tell him my secrets
And I know he won’t tell.
I build towers… 83 more words


In The Beginning...

So here I sit, I’m in a three and a half year relationship. Am I in love? Yes. Is she? No, but she does love me. 1,634 more words


My Teachers

I have learned so much in the past 8 years. I have had 2 amazing teachers. They have taught me about love. Patience. Hope. Understanding. Compassion. 708 more words

My Life

The Abi Diaries: ( A Prequel)

It was this weekend, one year ago, that got me thinking about starting my blog.  It took me a few more months to actually start but when the Timehop app on my phone threw up some pretty comical memories from my Facebook posts a year ago, I  thought I should really publish them here on The Mandy Diaries.   1,224 more words