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Bag Packing

Hello everyone!

My fundraising has been going well – I have been collecting lots of sponsors for my swim and babysitting has been helping too! 178 more words


Day 97: Throwback Thursday

I honestly never thought I would still be babysitting in my 20s.

Just to clarify, I don’t there’s nothing wrong with babysitting. It’s just that when you’re 16 and sitting in your neighbor’s living room watching their cable TV and snacking on their fancy potato chips waiting for the kid’s parents to come home, you never think to yourself, 233 more words


Worst Babysitter Becomes An Aunt..

Growing up an only child I was obsessed with babies. I begged my parents for a sibling continuously till the age of 8. Like everything else at age 8, I quickly grew out of it.  356 more words

Day Twenty Seven of One Hundred and Thirty Three

I’m mid-watching Hitch and less than focused on the task at hand. I’m trying real hard to see the silver lining in all things “life” so I’m going to pretend I don’t have a whiny blog about my breakup that still, on and off, feels a little soul crushing. 12 more words

Endless Babysitting

Starting as early as age six we can begin to start babysitting unpaid of course because lack of experience. An internship for those kids that have “no lives.” Your baby brother looks cute and you play with them because they are adorably blinding. 190 more words


Olio - March 27, 2015

Olio: a miscellaneous collection of things

For a week and a day now, we have been grandparents and in loco parentis for two of our grandchildren.   658 more words


Samina's Chance: Chapter 15

“What insolence! How dare she hang up on me, her best friend!”

Topher and Jaxson exchanged wary glances as Ada paced the floor of Jaxson’s apartment, relaying Samina’s outrageous behavior. 1,496 more words