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Leaving Paris Pt 1 - The Job

My time in Paris is nearly up and everything’s coming down to the ‘last time’ I do something. Sadly the weather continues to be bloody hot so the ‘last time’ I bathe in a stranger’s sweat on the metro is still some way off. 1,779 more words


Critique and Criticism

Critique and criticism can come in many forms. From the biggest critics to the most insignificant persons (most of the time, you don’t even know the existence of this person) on social media. 212 more words


Melted Crayon Art

Hey everyone,

I’ve been seeing this melted crayon art stuff a lot lately. I was curious so we gave it a go. By we I mean Anton, Callum and I. 189 more words


I Always Think that Children are the Spice of Life

I always think that children are the spice of life.

They are the life of my day to day activities.

They keep me alive and always on the go. 263 more words

We saw Penguins

Well I didn’t have Frank, I had Fred. Frank wasn’t well so he stayed home. He wasn’t happy about it and he isn’t talking to me now lol When their mom left to go home Fred wanted to go with her and Frank wanted to stay with me lol Bless him. 646 more words


Let me elaborate... It's Sunday and I'm slow moving

Let me elaborate on my Amy Whinehouse post last night. I was drunk, couldn’t talk to him and I feel like I’m the bad person in good and mine’s relationship. 299 more words


baby talk

I always tell myself that I want kids because that is what society tells us women. Society tells us that we should want to have children and stay home to raise them. 223 more words