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What is love?

Love is when you feel something inside of you in a way you’ve never felt before. A twinkle if you will. A small sensation of joy. 239 more words


27/100 happy weeks (coming, part deux)

I read an article for husbands of pregnant wives, basically letting us off the hook for everything.  I am using reason #9 for having not published a post in way too long … Lazy.   759 more words


Why I want to submit to O 

He wants me to write an essay so here we are.

Why submit at all? The short answer would be because I’m a submissive. I’ve always gone along with things, usually because of self doubt, doubting my instincts, but also for wanting to feel connected. 1,134 more words

With just a word ...

I don’t disparage rope and bondage but the real thrill of control is when she assumes the position I desire and maintains it just because I said so. 47 more words


My ♡

My little baby girl has 6 (! ) new teeth growing at the same time. Amazing how quick things can change. 4 months ago she got her first 2 teeth and then nothing happened for 4 months until now, now all of a sudden 6 new teeth are already visible! ♡ ♡ ♡

My Appreciation

New Tattoo!

My Daddy, for my birthday, paid for my new tattoo.

Its a beautiful geisha on my right thigh. I plan on adding some heavy grey and black shading to her as well as some red tones to her kimono, green and brown tones to the tree and leaves, some blue tones to the waves, and make the flowers the color of cherry blossoms.


Mom crisis #1

Today , My 7.7lb baby girl is headed to her 2 month check up. Last time she was already 10 lbs !

AHHHHH. Now I get why mothers are so emotional because before she came and changed my heart, I wasn’t in tune with any emotions . 146 more words