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Tale of a Toddler Sweater

My parents are a great number of wonderful things. They’re kind, caring, and funny people (at least, they seem to think they’re funny…) They make excellent food, wine and company. 295 more words


In-Depth Knitting Schematic and Stitch Multiples

What is an in-depth schematic? It contains much more information than a schematic that comes with a pattern. It accounts for every stitch, row, inch, centimeter, rate and amount of increase or decrease that goes into making the garment. 442 more words


Quietly Knitting

I am quietly knitting on the new baby sweater pattern that I never planned to make because I had an altogether different baby sweater pattern set to go but the yarn for it never arrived. 255 more words


Knitting in Circles

It was laundry day, which, for me and the bearded fellow, meant a solid block of time spent at the local eco-laundromat. Clothes in the dryer, knitting in hand, I sat down to make some serious project progress. 247 more words

Project Feature

A baby sweater for Lilliana

Living in Michigan we naturally get a lot of snow and ice during the winter.  When you have a satellite for your internet connection on your roof, this can be a huge problem!   338 more words

Look Who's Here!

We welcomed Calvin Cedar into our family on February 6th, 2015.  The build up to his birth was long and somewhat stressful, but once he decided he was ready things went quickly. 169 more words

Family Life

Rites of Spring

It’s a balmy 17 F / -8 C degrees out today. It snowed overnight, but today is all sunshine and blue skies. I ran into a neighbor this morning who told me of his experience with his frozen shut garage door. 576 more words