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What I've Learned: Lesson from Spring

In spite of winter tenaciously hanging on in some parts of the country, spring is making its presence known (the picture above was taken during a snow squall)! 255 more words

You Can Do It

To the Future

I have exactly 12 days until I am no longer a New York girl and I officially enter into a new phase of my life. I am moving to Oklahoma on April 9th.   362 more words

Baby Steps

Questions about the Debt Snowball

How much could you save, invest, blow and give if you had no payments?!

Steps out of debt
-Stop borrowing money!(cut up the credit cards and close the accounts from any future charges) 433 more words

Deep Debt

The new adventure

Adventures fill our lives. Every day we wake up can be an adventure if we see it that way. I do. Every day I make it a good day. 902 more words

Breege Moyne

A picture is worth a thousand words.

I finally took “before” pics. Well, technically, they’re after I started losing weight. I’m down 10lbs since starting with AdvoCare. So, I’m going to call these “Day 1″ pics. 54 more words


Stuck in a rut or careening downhill with no breaks?

Good news everyone – hubby won his cricket grand final on the weekend. There remains only presentation night this Saturday then we are done and dusted for this season, and I get a break until September, which will be filled with Footy and Supercoach & Dream team & yelling at the tv and watching the same game from 1986 on repeat! 858 more words


Change Gently to Begin Strongly: the Giant Leap & the Baby Steps

There is an illusion in the field of change. That change, real change, must be radical. Especially when it comes to following our passion, we must follow our passion “passionately”. 941 more words