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Peanut ... a salty little hipster nugget

Obviously when it comes to style, you want to give your baby the best possible start in life!  This little hipster chic fair-isle vest is a must for going out to spoken word at coffeehouses, and gurgling… ironically.

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I'm Just Really Bored of My Projects

Sometimes I am so intense about my projects that I can’t focus on anything else. Sometimes I’m only excited at a normal human level without risk of brain implosion, and those are the best times because I can still function. 235 more words


WIP Wednesday :: Wool Diaper Cover Skirty

So, I took a brief break from my Mom’s Oblique sweater. I had a minor setback (I got 1/2 of the first sleeve done, and I realized it was ginormous…), and I needed something fresh to look at for a while. 129 more words


Rocky Joggers

There are some baby images that make grown men and women revert to the ever-reviled baby talk. They can’t help it. For me, baby pants do it every time! 366 more words


Baby jacket and hat in Marble DK

With one of the teachers at school due to go on maternity leave in a couple of weeks, I’ve taken a few days off from my gorgeous lace top and, instead, have focused on making this lovely little jacket and hat for her baby boy. 188 more words


Book Review: Vintage Knits for Babies by Rita Taylor

I have been spending a lot of time on my own books recently, so when I was asked to review this one I jumped at the chance! 345 more words

Cover up those baby butts

I’m so pleased that all the knits from my last post are going to good homes. The overstuffed cedar chest in my house is breathing a sigh of relief as well. 253 more words