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Insulted by your Compliment

I used to occasionally have my aged mother over for dinner. Is can be difficult as I cook vegetarian which to most people means a strange palate. 487 more words

Baby Boomer

Boomer's family deals with parents' legacy

Plum Johnson, author of They Left Us Everything is a Baby Boomer raised in Oakville, Ontario. In 1952, her British veteran father and southern American mother landed in the village when it was little more than a farming community with a few stores and a tiny population. 479 more words

Ayurveda - Baby Boomers, what's in it for you?

Several years ago I started hearing about Ayurveda. At first I dismissed it as some kind of new age stuff that had nothing to contribute to “real” medical science. 545 more words


Ten Selfish Reasons to Become a Mexico Global Volunteer

I’m sure you’ve heard it before–someone fresh from a volunteer experience proclaims that they received far, far more than they gave.  Did you believe them?  I didn’t.   1,547 more words


View Out of the Side Window

Dear Diary,

It’s probably no surprise that I am a backseat, a passenger seat, and every other seat, driver. That’s what happens to us folks who have trust issues that turn into control issues and whatever else kind of issues that I am sure are side dishes to those. 372 more words

Dear Diary

The US is Not Prepared for an Age-Driven Decline in Labor Supply

According to Wall Street Journal Editor Greg Ip, the labor force will be undergoing a major change as baby boomers begin to retire in the masses.  293 more words

The Vision Thing

(Coincidentally, I wrote this post last week BEFORE  ‘what color is the dress’ set the world a-twitter!)

We see, look, view, observe, peer, watch, stare, examine, gaze … 576 more words

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