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Memorial Day, Mom and Maid Marion

For me these days, Memorial Day is about recalling memories of my mother, gone ten years now this November. Even as a boy, one who often sized his mom up as the Wicked Witch of the West and Cruella de Vil all in one, I realized Mom was everything, my queen, buried beneath an unfortunate plight. 374 more words


it is just a step to the left... or was that right?

I prefer to think it is exhaustion and stress, and not the ageing process or something nastier. Yes, I lost my coffee cup only to find it behind the open screen of my laptop and yes, I lost by detention pad only to find I was holding it. 260 more words


The Noob Files #1 - Out of Step

Dear Diary,

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” –Friedrich Nietzsche

Who would have thought I would ever quote someone like Friedrich Nietzsche? 957 more words

Dear Diary

My Memorial Days

On the Memorial Days of my childhood, I’d walk three blocks to Broadway and stake out my spot in front of Sparky’s Barbershop, waiting for the parade to begin. 737 more words

Baby Boomer

Color My World

I knew it was time to retire when I realized I had lost not only my sense of humor, but any vestige of creativity I once had. 435 more words


Sandwich Generation: Who is helping you?

So many of the people who reach out to At Home Senior Services are members of the sandwich generation, a group of people who find themselves taking care of both their parents and children at the same time. 392 more words

The Lessons in a Chocolate Pancake

Our friendship with Miss Susannah began five years ago, early on a Sunday morning, when she leaned over our booth and said what she says to everyone in her section, “What can I get you folks?” 603 more words

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