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A Book is a Book is a Book, Even if it's an Audible

I find myself in this same position a lot. It’s the one I found myself in when I was in religion. I dislike it when people take words and interpretations so literal. 602 more words


Winning The War Of The World.

Posted on February 20, 2015

by Jerry Alatalo

(Thank you to ZeitgeistToronto for filming and posting Professor John McMurtry’s talk on YouTube. Thank you to Global Research for posting the transcript.) 8,396 more words

Earth Matters

Latifa Ibn Ziaten, a modern-day saint.

(Descendez pour la traduction en Français.)

I saw an interesting news report on the France 2 TV channel on Monday evening, “The Message of Peace of the Mother of a Terrorist Victim.”  1,091 more words


Creating flow, creating peace

Your home is an extension of you. What you have on the walls, what kind of furniture, your book collection, the layout of the space, how it’s organized, paint, photos, etc. 524 more words

Ukrainians Need Humanitarian Aid And Peace, Not Weapons And More War.

Posted on February 11, 2015

by Jerry Alatalo

When first becoming aware of  protests in Ukraine in the fall of 2013, like most Americans there was no idea where Ukraine was on a map. 771 more words

Earth Matters

Week 182 - Monthiversaries

This week’s post isn’t about writing. I thought I’d better tell you that straight away so you could decide to move on to something more useful if you like. 325 more words