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Why GMO's are good

Despite the perception that organic and non-GMO foods are the healthy option for you and your family, the truth is that the technology of genetic engineering has been improving the food we eat—making it safer, more nutritious and plentiful—for more than twenty years. 60 more words


A Heartland Institute panel discussion at the Ayn Rand Institute

Recorded live at the Ayn Rand Institute, Irvine, CA October 8th, 2013 Moderator: Dr. Keith Lockitch Panelists: Joe Bast, Dr. Robert Carter, and Dr. S. Fred Singer.

Libertarian women's history month: Dana Berliner

Dana Berliner (May 31, 196? – ) was born in southern California, where her father, Michael Berliner, was the first executive director of the Ayn Rand Institute and a professor of education at California State University and her mother, Dr. 1,140 more words

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Global warming and environmentalism by the numbers

During 2009, The Heartland Institute held its Second International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC-2). In this talk, Ayn Rand Institute Executive Director Dr. Yaron Brook, who has a Phd in finance, looks at the global warming issue and the environmentalist movement from an investor and environmentalist point of view and why people still support them.

Climate change reconsidered: A Heartland Institute briefing panel at the Ayn Rand Institute

During 2013 The Ayn Rand Institute hosted a panel discussion on the topic of climate change at its headquarters in Irvine, California. The event was moderated by Keith Lockitch and panelists were Joe Bast President and CEO of the Heartland Institute, Dr. 15 more words

Yaron Brook chews out a communist at a lecture in Poland

Ayn Rand Institute Executive Director Yaron Brook tells a communist how life really is under capitalism during a Q & A period after delivering a lecture at a university in Poland*. 46 more words