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Senescence and regeneration in salamanders

Cellular senescence is a state in which cells stop dividing but remain metabolically active. Moreover, they usually express a pro-inflammatory secretome, upregulate immune ligands and are positive for specific activities such as senescence-associated b-galactosidase (SA-bgal). 747 more words


Splinters of Singing


The Axolotl is endangered because of urbanization and pollution of the lakes around Mexico City where they are found. They are an amphibian related to salamanders but they don’t develop lungs to live on land and are aquatic and gilled. 196 more words

Tarot - General

100 Crazy Critters – #24 - Axolotl

Axolotl!  My most random crazy critter yet.  I was very happy to pull axolotl from the bag because they are completely weird and utterly adorable.  You cannot possibly look at their little faces and not be smitten. 73 more words


Those days when you are sick…



These past few weeks, while I’ve been traveling for Easter vacation, I’ve ended up in some surprising places: a construction site on the Belize/Mexico border, a Mexican supermarket bathroom where I finally succumbed to Montezuma’s Revenge, and then, ironically, the ruins of Tenochtitlan, the Aztec capital over which Montezuma once ruled. 612 more words


The current status:  Obsessed with axolotl.   I think I would like to paint more of these.


Pink Hair Don't Care

My little axolotl friend, Rex Darwin-Rhind, being a poser today :-)