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French Axolotls

It is no real secret that I am an axolotl fan- my only two tattoos are of axolotls (we’ll have a tattoo posting once I can get a satisfactory photo of Hector, the axie on my foot). 218 more words


March 2015 Book of the Month: Animist by Eve Forward

Sorry, I’ve been MIA. I went on a salamander breeding trip to Omaha to work with my beloved blue spotted salamanders. I just finished my travel book, and had to make it the book of the month. 674 more words


An Open Letter to Mom: We're Not Dating, We're Just Co-Parents

Hey Mom,

I know it’s been a while since I last called you, so I figured I would write you a letter on a public website that anyone can access, and which comes up when you Google my name—how intimate! 423 more words

Axolotl: a simple plain text documentation system

Plain text is in most cases an enough documentation approach to any activity: only some minimum conventions are required to create metadata and visual clues, both visually enhanced by the text editor. 854 more words

A is for Axolotl

By Jonathan Farrow from The Thoughtful Pharaoh

Imagine a creature that never grows up, can regenerate limbs without scars, and has a sort of slimy, alien-like cuteness.   640 more words


Mythology Monday: Xolotl, king of the A-xolotls!

This Mythology Monday is devoted to the Aztec god Xolotl (would have been pronounced “sh-ō-lōt-uhl”).

Aztec gods are not often “the god of ___.” They usually represent many things. 209 more words


It's all been a bit axolotl-y

Axolotls do seem to be the flavour of 2015! As soon as they’re in, they’re out. Who wouldn’t love their own axolotl of course, with their serene little faces and broad smile? 188 more words