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Death By Boobs.

Because I don’t have time to write anything of substance. That’s why.


I'll Never Compliment Your Looks, So Don't Get Your Hopes Up

(me versus fashion, round three?)

Okay. This isn’t personal. That title is just a fact. If you’re fishing for compliments on your new top by telling me you like how my hoodie matches my trainers, piss off and lurk around Primark, waiting to be told by employees that the jeans you just picked out  862 more words


How to Walk the Walk

I get really uncomfortable when I pass people in the street that I only know faintly. Do I smile? Avoid their eye contact awkwardly? Or try and fail at starting up a conversation? 36 more words


Society's Dementors of Confidence [on Being Taught to Shrink Myself]

Anyone remotely familiar with the Harry Potter series knows of the Dementors. They’re only the most terrifying aspect of the wizarding world because they just run around sucking out people’s souls for funsies. 1,189 more words


"c'mon man, play it cool"


em·bar·rass·ment \ im-ˈber-ə-smənt, –ˈba-rəs-

The state of feeling foolish in front of others; a feeling of self-consciousness, shame, or awkwardness.

Why the heck are we so afraid? 530 more words


N is for... nope: Blogging from A to Z

Today was a whirlwind of activity. I woke earlier than intended, and used that extra time to haul bins of spring and summer clothing down from the attic. 371 more words

Job Interview Help

Many people I listen to when discussing employment interviews, raise the issue of having difficulty coming up with real life examples from their past when responding to interview questions at job interviews.  886 more words

Job Search Advice