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Blog Post #2 Is Awkwardness a Way to Judge People?

This weekend I was talking to a close friend. As we continued the conversation, the topic, as always, became relationship with people around us. Then my friend told me about something that happened with the boy that she likes. 473 more words


Blog Challenge: 642 Tiny Things to [blog] about – Prompt 6

Write about a time you broke…

A bone: In my 25 years of life, I have never actually broken a bone. But I’ve done a few things that could have potentially resulted in bone-breaking, like being thrown from a horse when I was in Girl Scouts, or falling down stairs on two separate occasions. 365 more words


Whole30 Day 9: Counting is hard

Every time I write a new post I have to think wayyy too hard about what day I’m on. Oftentimes I look at the previous day’s post to make sure I’m not counting the same number again… and even then I feel paranoid that I am. 690 more words

Blog Challenge: 642 Tiny Things to [blog] about – Prompt 3

As someone who loves Tweeting, and is admittedly not as savvy with Shakespeare as she should be (despite once seeing a Hamlet performance three years ago starring a good friend of mine as Hamlet), I figured I could give this one a good try! 83 more words


Quotes for Retail Workers

So, as I close in on ten months working in retail, I have noted several quotes that I feel the need to quote regularly while at work. 144 more words


The View From Down Here

So, for any of you who do not know me personally, I am a fun-sized person. Meaning that I am short, quite short. Not quite little-person short, but short nonetheless. 742 more words


How To Buy Things (Or, What I learned After 10 Months of Working in Retail)

So I try. I try really hard to not be annoyed with customers and to be understanding that everyone has off days and some people straight up don’t understand stuff, but there are some days where the things people do at work definitely get to me. 1,869 more words