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The Fragrance of Fire

It was the smell that he fell in love with. He could go blind, become paralyzed, and lose all of his senses, but he would never forget that smell. 2,028 more words


On social uncertainty

Took a field trip today, taking a small group of seventh and eighth graders to a reasonably swanky annual luncheon run by a local charity.   It’s always interesting watching kids in social situations they’re not familiar with, and “three-course meal” is certainly a set of circumstances that most of my students are not familiar with.   1,130 more words


Best St. Patty's Day Ever!!

Okay so yesterday was my first “real” St.Patty’s day (first one when I’m 21) and it was the best! So I go to school in my home town and everyone comes back to town for St. 385 more words

Awkward Blogger

Twenty Something

Well, Isn’t this golden? I’m steady on my feet and strolling about. Stopping at each pattern and giving it a good once over. I’m even recognizing lovers in their safari hats. 93 more words

Musings And Personal

Have You Ever Forgotten Who You Are?

Have you ever forgotten who you are?  No, I don’t mean if you’ve forgotten your name.  I mean, have you ever forgotten who you are at your essence, at your core, your spirit, your past, your personality, and any words that could ever be used to describe you?   582 more words

News Bits #1 + "Things Overheard"

Greetings, dear readers.  Today I have some news bits for you, then a new feature on this blog. 909 more words