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#28PlaysLater - Submission 27: Tube Tales

Tube Tales

By Kerrin Tatman


The audience are split into two random groups: AUDIENCE GROUP 1 and AUDIENCE GROUP 2. Ideally they will all be current Londoners. 757 more words


That question.....

I’m here
Your there
This silence is intense
It’s deeper than my skin
Tearing up in my lungs…. Sticking
The hairs up on my back,my neck… 286 more words


Dating's Blind Detour

Why isn’t she here yet? What do I say next? Do I kiss her goodnight on the first date?

These timeless conundrums are being thrown out the window and into airplanes and rickshaws with backpacks and (just guessing) a Ford hybrid vehicle of some sort nearby for the craziest blind-date imaginable. 164 more words

You know those awkward conversations you have where it’s just pointless trying to explain anything mental health wise because you don’t know the personal well enough or see them enough for it to be worth it? 531 more words


More thoughts on why. 

You know the real reason I began this journey was to build confidence in myself, and my work. This was and especially true with people of the opposite sex. 436 more words


Four letter word

There it sat, opportunity dangling before me, a chance to win big and take the lead. All I had to do was add onto the word that had just been played. 519 more words


Social awkwardness😳💗

I thought today, I would do a quick post on something that I have, social awkwardness! Most teenagers of today also suffer from this due to us only knowing how to communicate through text or through a screen. 207 more words