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10 Things Awkward People Can't Handle

1. Anything in unison. “Oh everyone is clapping, sure why not? Why am I doing this again?”

2. Crowds. We will not know where or who to direct our attention  and we will end up looking like this: 101 more words

10 Things

The time that rice and beans could fly

And I’m not talking food fight style.

Today, I was eating lunch. YOU GUYS. SALT LAKE HAS BEEN SO LOVELY AND WARM LATELY. (Also, yelling the world “lovely” feels weird. 590 more words

Weird Things


“Zoe, you need to reach your potential,” my sister, Annie, informed me while painting her nails at my kitchen table. She was painting her nails in her signature cherry red called “It’s Raining Men”. 1,948 more words

Digga Digga Doo Digga Doo Doo

I really suck at coming up with titles for these blogs. It’s that way for stories and videos as well. Normally, I put off naming something until the very end, and even then it’s not so creative or good. 539 more words


I might be the king of awkward moments

I have had alot incredibly awkward moments.
Might think about them from time to time and just laugh my ass off and if i am in public alone there’s one more awkward thing since everyone think i am crazy talking for nothing. 477 more words


I Feel Like I'm Not Out of Bed Yet

The day that’s most difficult to get out of bed makes all the other shitty choices in your day a lot easier. Over the past couple days, I’ve logged 100+ pedestrian miles, fought at MMA practice in preparation for my debut (April 25th) for a few hours, and generally feel depleted by some of the people in my life, played soccer for a bit with a friend who I stepped on a dozen times. 480 more words


"Real Talk" -- Really.

“Real Talk” for Women, the flyer at church said. The evening gathering would be the first of its kind. The flyer went on,
Real Talk. 482 more words

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