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Dating: When Your Matchmaker Doesn't Listen to His Other Clients Either

My next date was named Naveen. Physically, I wasn’t attracted to him, but we had a decent enough conversation that I didn’t mind being there as I ate my fig and prosciutto pizza. 468 more words


Brief Conversations with Men in White Lab Coats: The Art of Making Eye Contact with Someone Who’s Probed You

If I was to look at an index of all of the searches that I’ve ever made in Google, August 2013 would probably show one strange result: Making eye contact with a gastroenterologist. 850 more words

Crohns Disease

I Have About Three Talents...So that Pretty Much Means I'm a Catch.

I’m no love expert and I won’t even pretend to be, but sometimes I like to come up with really awkward pickup lines. Maybe they’re not really pickup lines as much as they are phrases that I would say if I were more brave and outgoing. 256 more words


Daily Blog Stuff #3

Back with another round of bloggy blog stuff. Why? Because blog you, that’s why. Okay, that came out wrong. It’s great to see you too. Well, you can’t see me and I can’t see you. 323 more words


Developing New Superpowers

Just a few minutes ago, I was sitting in a chair by the window, and my brother came into the house walking by me without saying hello. 502 more words


The Weekly Interview! (most awkward)

Welcome to the most awkward interview I have ever done. Its maybe the most stupidest too. But I decided to interview….. My self! Haha.. I hope you will like it and that you don’t find it to cheesy. 1,047 more words

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