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Too Much Hype, and Not Enough Study Notes

Firstly, birthdays are overrated. So what if it’s officially been x amount of years since that person wa born, congradulations to them, but what does that mean? 399 more words

What do you guys think

about stick n poke tattoos? My best friend did one and it turned out awesome so now I think I’m going to get one. I wish I could afford to actually go and get another, but I guess DIY will have to suffice! 485 more words

10 signs that you're "emotionally challenged"

1. Your awkward laugh makes you look like an asshole on a regular basis.

You can’t help yourself, it’s your natural reaction to uncomfortable situations.  Unfortunately, people tend to take your uncontrolled “heh heh’s” as not taking their pain seriously. 357 more words

"Do you want to be in a porno with me...no?...just sex then... pls"...I give up on online dating

Apart from bumping into my ex, guys who wanted me to dominate them (all 45 years +), a few with weird fetishes and now a guy who works in the industry (porn) wanting me as his partner in the professional sense, or otherwise a few casual encounters I’m now starting ( yes starting), to lose hope in finding someone not normal per say but just balanced…. 96 more words