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Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows.

Wanna play a fun game? One of my older brothers taught it to me. The goal is to get a song stuck in another person’s head by randomly singing it. 282 more words


Dating: Or the Case of the Flirt-But-No-Follow-Through Boy

Like many stories start, there’s this boy. Notice how I’m not calling him a man? He doesn’t act like one. He does act like he likes me and then acts like I don’t exist twenty minutes later. 746 more words


We talked! I think you're cool! We get along! Now what O.O

Sometimes I’m not totally socially inept I have good conversations with people! I think they are fun and quirky and I could probably be really good friends with them! 155 more words


"who is a close friend?"

When i was in P7, i think i was 11, i started getting friendly with a group who maybe weren’t the best for me to be friends with. 995 more words


Awkwardness and Awesomeness

Have you ever met someone who you had a difficult time getting to know them and once you knew them you realized that they’re awesome !! 604 more words