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Anzac Day

The 25th of April , when war veterans and uniformed men come out to pay their respects.

On this day the streets are riddled with men going from a 3 to a 9 due to their tidy appearance and uniform that demands respect. 255 more words

Anzac Day


Warning: this blog post contains no pictures, and has not even been proofread. “Wow, Emma’s really let herself go—have you seen the state of her blog?” … 1,462 more words


I Met A Girl!

I met a girl… wow, I met a girl!

With eyes and lips

and silky hair,

A real live girl, with grace and charm!

A wonder well beyond compare! 259 more words


Awkward moments I'd rather not talk about: The pizza delivery.

A couple of months ago, I would order pizza from Papa Johns and has been my favorite pizza joint ever since. But like the title of this post, my last experience was different. 267 more words


What are you thinking you thought I thought?

In contemplation of understanding and new awarenesses, and after paying close attention to what others express to me I feel the need to clarify,

just because I don’t respond to something you state… 104 more words



“Esc-a-pay. I wonder what that means? That’s funny, it’s spelled just like the word escape.”

— Dory

When it all becomes a little too much, one should run away. 1,077 more words


That Awkward Moment When...

That awkward moment when it’s dead week, you’re really stressed, you want to write a blog post to get that stress out and reflect on things, and then your computer hard drive dies and you can’t write said blog post and are computer-less during the most important week of the semester. 267 more words