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Me, Myself and I

So I’m very new to this whole blogging thing and decided to give it a go. I just moved to a big city and from a not so big city but not so small town. 166 more words


Awkward Greetings

I’m not very good at meeting new people.

Truthfully, I’m secretly an awkward person. Of course I try my best to act as if I’m confident and together, but deep down inside I’m terrified that… 236 more words


Negative Earworms

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head that drives you insane? Of course you have. Every now and again we find ourselves humming a song that we absolute detest and the more we try to ignore it or ‘change the channell’ by listening to something else, the louder that terrible song gets. 526 more words


I Can't Afford a Publisher

Frankly speaking, I’m too unaccomplished to publish a memoir. By “unaccomplished”, I mean too young to have anything groundbreaking and worth writing about happen to me. 1,176 more words



That moment when a single tear slips down your face..

It’s like, “where did that come from?”

Its Called: My Life

Shredded Tissues

My next purse will be large enough to fit an entire box of tissue.

Since starting a relationship 5 years ago, I’ve found myself to be increasingly more and more emotional. 169 more words