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10k in 48, HOORAY!

Hooray again I never run passed the Causeway so fast. I pushed for that last bend to the end remembering what the little girl signed said. 329 more words


What I Have Learned from a School Year on Staff as a Campus Missionary: A List

If you couldn’t tell from my very descriptive title, this blog post contains what I have learned this year as a Campus Missionary. It’s not something that I have been reflecting on for a while or anything, just a spontaneous idea for a post. 629 more words

Just Grace

omg >.<

Hey Pandas!

I feel like such a bad publisher xD Feels like I haven’t written here in forever >.< But so much school and I’m really exhausted. 105 more words


Urgent Post: Kickass Animal Encounters!

I don’t usually post on Sundays, but this is kinda important: The photo above is of my friend Claire Christie, who along with her partner Jeremiah Prescott is in the midst of fundraising for their epic webseries, Kickass Animal Encounters, which is an idea so awesome that if they weren’t good friends of mine I would have to kill them and steal it. 224 more words

Super easy skin clearing tips using Body shop Tea Tree products!

Iv tried so many different products and they all swear they will clear your skin with regular use but I found that most of them even made my skin brake out worse . 596 more words