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Car insurance. Because that's what mature adults blog about.

Last weekend, I went to go visit one of my best friends in Virginia. Long story short, I’ve been sick since about an hour into the trip. 118 more words


The 'history of girl groups' will give you some serious nostalgia (video)

Brand new Girl Group pays tribute to girl groups throughout history…And the result is epic. Take a trip down memory lane.


Long Distance Running vs. The Walking Dead

During some of the longer training runs that I have done recently, I realized that long distance runs are a lot like being undead. A couple of k into a long run (I am talking anything more than15k), I switch off all conscious mind operations. 366 more words


The Wedding Ringer

This movie is definitely a must see movie!! I have never laughed so much in a movie theatre haha. In fact, it was a little hard to breath because it was an hour and some long and no dull moment in it whatsoever. 86 more words


"Deus Ex: Universe" You say? - MNCSWTMI

So here I am. I wake up and its a beautiful sun-shiny day. I go down stairs and pour myself a bowl of good o’l All Bran (Yes, I know it tastes tasteless) and walk into my at home-office and I sit down next to my beautiful darling of a Gaming PC, I know its gonna be great day. 450 more words