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Roger Nelson: The Meaning of Life and My Love, My Life

What is the meaning of life?

It sounds like a simple question, meriting a simple answer. And yet, there is such depth as to draw us in, to make us see that in the simplicity there is a great richness. 574 more words


No Diet Day

It’s International No Diet Day! No Diet Day promotes and celebrates natural beauty and diversity. People are found in all shapes and sizes and there is no one ideal. 316 more words


Changing the Dance: Seeing Your Part in Relationship Problems

“She needs to apologize to me! She hit me!” I was teaching my 1st grade PE class when a little girl came up to me with this sad statement. 479 more words


The Lips Of Nature

She’s a soft spoken one she is

like an esper it is hard for

one even with closed ears

to miss the inviting words in… 56 more words

Awakening ~ Taylor Davis

Taylor Davis, the famous American violinist and composer performs the original song “Awakening”.
Enjoy! V.


Terence Mc Kenna ~ Into The Heart Of Nature

“This belief that the world is entirely independent of our minds and objective, and unaware of us, is the kind of scientific fiction in which we operate. 39 more words