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Social Idiot Here

It s like on some level I m aware of how super awkward I am, but I don t really know what to do about it at the moment…isolation or sticking with familiar people seems safest because I m just in a weird spot. 65 more words

9 Things I Would Tell my 12-Year-Old Self before joining Social Media

  1. Wait until you’re at least 16.
  2. But if you don’t listen, because you probably wont, then we should talk about what you’re posting… It should be good.
  3. 207 more words

Three days before I go....however...

Well, it’s not long before this Irishman finds himself back on the Camino trail. I will pick up where I left off last September and will walk for two weeks. 363 more words


Support Safe Oppertunity

when two people come together, in addition to radiating energy me and my friends often connect in boundless ways. We get involved in each others auras, become randomly excited about small talk scenarios and this kind of situation can expand your presence outside of the physical world we are in past the walls. 77 more words


be wary of those who clothe you like a raiment. without being aware, you will end up modelling their garments.


I really love reading horoscope reports:)))

omggggg so I was reading my daily horoscope reading and there were some stuff which I really hope to remember and are SO TRUE OMG… 240 more words

Love from Vibrational Integrity

There is no need for you to give until it hurts.
When you give, when you love, and you are in Vibrational integrity, it does not hurt. 42 more words

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