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Time focused boredom

focus forgets time
boredom keep track
now, what happens
when one focuses
upon boredom?
or when boredom
has begun focus?
what is time?


The one difference in food storage between Germany and Kenya

Probably applies to other countries from the global South and North respectively

My grandmother says: Food that has been warmed twice should not be warmed again. 322 more words


See the world through evErY sEnSe

Have you ever consider how much we rely on our vision? We should really practice consolidating our other senses.

Today I had this thought and decided it would be fun to live with my eyes closed for a few minutes as I cleaned my room (as one does..) 212 more words


3 questions you should ask yourself whenever you read or watch something about the global South

As a responsible traveller, you may want to prepare yourself by reading books or blogs about or from the country you are going to. Or you are watching some movies to get to know more about your destination. 728 more words


Unknown facts about Vitamin K

Until recently not many of us were aware of the major and proficient roles of Vitamin K. The past decade has witnessed lot of research studies focusing on the health benefits of vitamin K and all that we can do to keep the levels of this vitamin up. 6 more words

Thankful Thursday (obvious I know)

heyyy better late than never! i have to make this short and quick, but i still think it is important to acknowledge great things everyday, and here i am folks! 229 more words

Common complaints we hear after every single work camp

If you come to Kenya or any other country as a volunteer, you might get the chance to take part in a work camp. We had the pleasure to join dozens of them. 564 more words