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The Walking Dead

By Laura Piquero

The biggest battle in the world, is not between political parties, races or sexual orientations, the true battle is between the LIVING and the DEPARTED. 385 more words

Building Home...

By Laura Piquero

It’s been hard building “sustainable anything” for the past three years, because every period of expansion opens a new area to work on and explore. 298 more words


Do Observers Make You Feel Guilty?

by Brenda Hoffman, Life Tapestry Creations

June 29, 2015

Dear Ones,

You are beginning to notice changes within your being. 1,206 more words



“Yoga philosophy says that each of carries an eternal self within and that no matter how deeply buried under the mountain of personal doubt there is a memory of that true self.” -Kino Macgregor… 1,235 more words


Doors Are Opening – The Council | Oracles and Healers

The Council

This is the time of the avalanche, the waterfall, the immensely heightened frequency that we have spoken of so often before. It will continue to increase, but you already are into rates of change that you are struggling to deal with. 793 more words


An Evangelist's Response to the Gay Marriage Decision

When the Supreme Court ruling, effectively legalizing same sex marriage, I was out of the loop. I was doing what Daddy called me to do… at a conference teaching others how to effectively share the gospel in the market place and streets. 892 more words


Art and Grace

As my journey has progressed I’ve begun to see how it comes to the point where art is the closest way to reflect or symbolise spiritual experience, and how both mystics (I think of Zen haiku and inkbrush – and the Zen ‘return to the marketplace’ is very much my experience of awakening) and philosophers (Heidegger, for example) have come to this conclusion. 91 more words