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Day 250 of a Year of Peace

Peace for all

Sentient Beings

Robin is a symbol of change,

renewal and growth. Robin energy

will catalyze new growth in the areas of your… 64 more words

Calling All Agents Of Change

CALLING…..all agents of change…I repeat, all agents of change…

Calling all health care professionals, fitness enthusiasts, personal trainers, therapists, coaches, educators, life coaches, Chefs, Training In Power students, Thinking Into Results Consultants, Naturopaths, Spirit Science founders/teachers, DISL Automatic rappers, artists, stress and anxiety specialists, Collective Evolution founders/writers, Energy workers, Blue Morpho Shaman, superstars voicing change (these are the ones I know of and respect) Russel Brand, Jim Carrey, Joe Rogan, Graham Hancock and (anyone I’ve missed) and anyone else standing up for change and to elevate the collective consciousness and overall health, betterment and happiness of the planet – WE NEED YOUR HELP! 436 more words

4 Pillars


My desires runs hot

like molten lava

gurgling to the



as it faces a nipping


cold to the


My desires flow on its… 30 more words

I Want

The Truth About Abundance

I am come that ye might have life, and that ye might have it more abundantly. John 10:10

Battered and bruised, my tight grip on money ripped apart, and still I would not listen.

1,258 more words


I felt the tremor

Knew what was coming


The only question that remained

What would weather the storm

Walls collapsed

Doors were unhinged

Foundation solid… 18 more words


Are You Awake Or Are You Dead?: A Simple Test

New Video!

How can you tell if you need revival? How would you know if you’re spiritually dead? Does revival mean that you’ll be living life on a high? 87 more words