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Nighttime, Right Time

I am a total night owl, which really sucks since I am also a high school student. I always feel most productive and happy at night, when the world has gone to bed and I can be in my own little bubble of quiet. 102 more words

Daily Thoughts

How-To Tuesday: Staying Awake When You're Tired

Good morning all!! :)

Sorry I missed you yesterday, it was a pretty busy day.

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Happy Tuesday!!

Has anyone else been feeling extremely tired lately or is it just me?? 826 more words


It is Spring. The Almond Tree has Awakened.

From Facebook posts of friends all around the world, I am made aware that it’s spring – not exactly obvious in one-season Singapore; two, if you consider ‘dry’ and ‘wet’ as seasons. 473 more words



eyes flutter wide just to prove I’m alive

and the light is a head splitting sight

the moment has come to be one and undone… 119 more words

Vehicle rams gate at NSA headquarters, shots fired

Two people are said to be injured after a vehicle rams into the gate at Fort Mead, headquarters for National Security Agency.

We’ll be seeing more of this I’m sure as NSA operatives wake up to what their agenda really is. 117 more words


Entrance; exit

The lights spark and sparkle, split and swirl; multiplying like amoeba and collapsing like stars, they dance for me – just for me.

You are asleep you are asleep now tell me what you see; 273 more words



If I’m awake, my eyes are open,

and the sun is up and I’m not

dreaming or sleeping, not quite awake

but still my eyes are open– 160 more words