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My Mourning Routine

  1. Wake up and cry a littleĀ because I miss my sleep.
  2. Plan out my day (clean my room, go to the bank, go to work, then off to dance class).
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Staying up at Night

I used to stay up at night fantasizing about all the things I would do when I made it as a writer. I dreamed about touring the world and meeting everyone who believed in my writing. 731 more words

Picked Last In Gym Class

Malicious Breeze.

I lay awake tonight
Thinking about the house of cards,
The abode of love.
A malicious breeze
is always on the
horizon it seems.

#Random Confusion - While You Were Awake by Tamara Dumas

The blurb reads,

She can barely remember his name even though they have met a few times. His number is saved in her phone, not by his name but under the name of the place where they met. 480 more words

Indie Authors


Sleep found me last night.

I didn’t run away from it.

I laid down and it embraced me.

It whispered in my ear, only telling slightly twisted tales that ran in occassional circles. 332 more words