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I had a eureka moment last week.

As much as I like to self-diagnose, I think I have finally found the correct one.

I have… 619 more words

Nights and Days

It’s bizarre how different my mornings are from my evenings.

Mornings are a time of sleepy competence, when I may not want to be up but I can still make coffee and get dressed on time. 150 more words

Being Crazy

I'm confused: A tour in AvPD

Today we travel through the realm of Avoidant (Anxious) personality disorder with your firm friend Wikipedia self diagnosis. Quotes courtesy of Tumblr.


Damaged Enough

I had my first session of a new therapy group/”skills class” earlier this week. I caught myself doing this weird but familiar thing as I walked in the room; assessing my mood and the current state of my life, worrying that I was too well to be there. 155 more words

Being Crazy

Start spreading the news...

In a few hours my friend L will be on a plane to New York. Tonight she will be contending with jet lag in the city that never sleeps. 504 more words

Life (or Something Like It)

A Cold Week

You know you are having a harsh winter when your temperature is 10 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than the north pole.  This week my pipes have frozen twice.  60 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder

Wandering back into therapy

I had my last appointment with a therapist sometime last summer, I think. We didn’t officially wrap anything up; I just stopped going. I was busy with my new job and sick of shelling out for co-pays. 244 more words

Being Crazy