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The Tiger and the Cliff

Many people have heard of the analogy. I use it here to explain what it has been like  for my husband to live with, at times, overwhelming anxiety. 1,089 more words

Social Anxiety:  Is it bad when it extends to phone calls too?  #socialanxiety

Social anxiety is overwhelming. It leaves your belly feeling uneasy, stresses you out, and has you feeling so nervous about social interactions that you consider avoiding them altogether. 771 more words

Mental Health/Self-esteem

here in the silence

Like two ships in the night

I passed by you this evening

Sensing your presence here in my body

Does that mean you saw me too? 315 more words


Stop, Truth!

“Something’s babbling
Truth, and I’m
Trying to turn it down.
Or off.”

Do I live in a chocolate sundae
World? Yes, emphatically.

But I am unwilling… 43 more words


Could Someone Please Tell My Heart, I'm So Over Grieving?

Today I am feeling so over grieving. So over the hardness of the work it requires. So over its permanency in every nook and cranny of my life. 1,180 more words

You've been warned: 11 big stocks to avoid

The stock market is looking bumpier. Corporate profit growth is expected to sputter. Why steer right into a pothole by buying stocks the experts are warning you against? 711 more words


Hiding the Truth


That people pay good money

To sit in darkness

Engrossed in the terror

Portayed upon

The silver screen yet eschew

The light of midday, 20 more words