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Summary 2014 U.S.-Based Airline Traffic Data

Summary 2014 U.S.-Based Airline Traffic Data
Source: Bureau of Transportation Statistics

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) reported today that U.S. airlines and foreign airlines serving the United States carried an all-time high of 848.1 million systemwide (domestic and international) scheduled service passengers in 2014, 2.5 percent more than in 2013 and 1.2 percent more than the previous record-high of 838.4 million reached in 2007.

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My Travels with Molly and Dolly and Louie -- Crossing the Equator

Everybody was a Royal Something. Everybody except me and maybe a hundred or so others, who, at the whim of one of the Royal-Somethings, or on the hour, whichever came first, would have to face the equator, kneel and repeat I am a lowly, slimy, unworthy, polywog until we eventually stuttered and mispronounced one of the words, at which time, we would receive the appropriate punishment – a whack or two on the back side with a shillelagh, a flattened, recently salt-water-soaked piece of water hose. 372 more words

Here's How a Germanwings Pilot Reassured Scared Passengers the Day After the Crash

The morning after Germanwings Flight 9525 crashed into the French Alps—before any real details were known about the state of the plane or co-pilot Andreas Lubitz’ 431 more words

What makes Etihad so special?

They say that Etihad is “Flying Reimagined”. I agree, and would even go as far as saying that Etihad may be the finest airline in the skies right now. 535 more words


One engineering masterpiece, please

I’d like to see a marvellous machine,
A mystical contraption that would fly.
A gentle beast, that soared,
And wouldn’t hurt the environment it went by. 174 more words