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The Mighty Hercules

This post is about the incredible C-130 Hercules military aircraft- but don’t worry, it’s not going to be a flavourless list of specifications and figures. Although I’d probably find such a list interesting, I’ll restrain myself! 435 more words


Work, Fly, Win!

Life has been quite a whirlwind lately. I’ve been working a lot both at my corporate job and also teaching dispatch. I wish I could have taught more this time around, but I tried out my PowerPoint on flight planning and I think it went over pretty well. 278 more words


Flying Friday: of shops and annuals

I haven’t been flying much lately, sad to say. This is mostly because of weather, but partly because I have been busy with other things. However, as spring approaches, I’ve been eager to get back in the air. 837 more words


The argument in favour of Aer Lingus sale to IAG

There has been a huge amount of commentary in recent weeks around the proposed takeover of Aer Lingus by International Airlines Group (IAG) after much deliberation on the part of the government it now sadly looks like the proposal will be turned down by the government (and by default in totality as a result of the size of the government shareholding of 25%) Without getting too  much into the politics of my point of view (and in the spirit of full disclosure I would tend to lean just slightly to the right of centre politically…)  I just cannot fathom the logic of the really political nature of the decision to turn down the offer from IAG for Aer Lingus. 1,136 more words