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RC Aircraft APMs and Sensors

Ever wonder why or how there all of sudden came to be so many different semi-autonomous “drones” models?  The answer is open source hardware and software.   145 more words

Louis J. Normand

Title: Aviation and Travel Consultant

Location: Alberta, Canada

Louis J. Normand is a highly regarded aviation and travel consultant who has more than 40 years of professional experience to his name. 163 more words



Survival tattoos instincts on memories

of Chiron’s captives,

as circus centaurs steer jungles

far past Saturn–

pendulum orbit into karmic darkness–

a sudden stop so surreal, 30 more words


Top Tips for Air Travel Zen!

I previously wrote a piece on here about debunking some of the myths around business travel being fun and it appeared to resonate with people. I have recently had an increase in the frequency of that travel for a variety of reasons and as such I have noticed a marked increase in the sheer number of people travelling progressively week on week but also have noticed the number of people travelling for non work related reasons increase. 1,103 more words


Personal limits and legal limits

A flight always has to be in legal limits. As a pilot, we are worried about being legal ourselves: having an up to date medical, carrying our pilot’s license or necessary endorsements, having a government issued photo I.D., being within the bi-annual flight review limitation, and if we’re carrying passengers being 90 day current with landings. 1,651 more words


Spud Manning

Only six years had passed from Lindbergh’s Atlantic flight, when Chum won the cross-country Darkness Derby in October of 1933. Public wonder and oodles of press coverage followed aviators across the country, and around the world. 439 more words


A sad announcement.

After eight years since her restoration to flight it has been announced today, 15th May, that our Vulcan XH558 is to be retired from flying at the end of this years flying season. 201 more words